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Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Other N’Sync Boys To Reunite This Year!

Good news for the ones wishing to see N’Sync band back together. The boy band of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass will have a reunion at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The former band is yet to decide on a date to get together. This will not be the only time the ban is going to be back together. N’Sync will be releasing a holiday album to mark their 20th anniversary.

N’Sync 20th Anniversary Celebrations

N’Sync band was put together in 1995. The band made quite a few records while it was together. The group’s second album sold over one million copies in one day and 2.42 million copies in one week. This record was unbeaten for about 15 years. Since 2002, the band did not produce any new album. The band sold over 70 million albums during their career.

Lance Bass said, “We’re coming out with a really cool vinyl edition of our Christmas album because it’s coming up on the 20 years of that [1998 Home for Christmas] album. And then we’re going to be getting our star on the [Hollywood] Walk of Fame this year at some point.”

Bass confirms that all five members will be getting together at Hollywood Walk of Fame. They are just terrible at planning things based on Bass’ own admission. He says, “We’re five guys, so for us to make a decision about anything is really hard, so we just need to do it. So hopefully maybe around Christmas time. It’ll be fun to see everybody again,” reports ET.

Great Friendship Between Justin Timberlake And The Boys

Most bands disband due to legal issues or ego problems. But with N’Sync none of those issues surfaced. 2002 was the last time they were together and it was confirmed in 2007 that they are disbanded.

All the five members of the group still share a great friendship. Bass says, “I would have to shoot you if you saw the stuff we wrote to each other. We bag on each other all day long.” Bass also reveals that the band looks for pictures on Instagram from the 90’s and are constantly sharing it with each other.

Lance also reveals that Joey Fatone is the butt of all jokes. He says they are more of brothers than friends. When quizzed about Britney Spears biopic and what Timberlake’s view on the same are, he says, “I need to bring that up. I’ll tell you what they say.”

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