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Jon Fishman: Politician By Day, Drummer By Night

If you like rock and roll, or if you just like jamming in general then you have probably heard of the band Phish. Now it seems like its drummer, Jon Fishman, is eyeing for something a little less musical. He plans to run for a board seat in his hometown.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the drummer has already obtained the paperwork needed for his candidacy and he has already returned the necessary nominating petitions. He wants to be able to run for the Board of Selectmen in Lincolnville.

Jon Fishman: Politician By Day?

According to Newsmax, Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and former candidate for the Democratic party nomination last year, was his inspiration.

The seaside community that he lives in, which measures 43-square and his home to only 2,164 residents could soon be his day-job if he wins the election on June 13.

Fishman resides with his wife, Briar and their five cildren on a farm. They own a general store.

Jon Fishman: Drummer By Night?

The 52-year-old musician rose to prominence due to his membership to the band Phish where he played the drums along with lead vocalist and lead guitarist Trey Anastasio, bassist and vocalist Mike Gordon and their keyboardist – who also did vocals – Page McConnell.

It was founded in the University of Vermont in 1983, but then when into hiatus during for about two years in 2000. Their music is aptly explained by the Rolling Stone as, “To their fans, Phish are not just a band, they’re a way of life. Although the group’s studio albums sell well enough, Phish are primarily a live phenomenon: the living, breathing, noodling embodiment of the term “jam band.””

Regardless of his previous occupation, he’s not the first notable celebrity to run for local politics. Sonny Bono was elected Palm Springs mayor and soon became a part of Congress, John Hall was also a congressman, and Martha Reeves was part of the Detroit City Council.

Special Mention: This phenomenon also happens else in the world. Remember pound-for-pound boxer Manny Pacquiao? He’s currently a sitting Senator in the Philippines, formerly a congressman, singer, businessman, an honorary member of the Boston Celtics, a professional basketball player for the PBA, the head coach of a professional basketball team, an actor and of course lest we forget… he boxes!

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