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Johnny Hallyday Cancer Diagnosis: Singer Positive About Battle As Fans Pray For Recovery

A scare recently rocked the music scene in France, when it was revealed that Johnny Hallyday was diagnosed with cancer. The French Elvis confirmed himself that he was fighting the disease. However, after the media initially blew the situation out of proportion, he gave a more positive outlook.

Celebrity magazine Closer first called his condition “worrying”. The magazine also suggested that he was undergoing “shock therapy” in a battle to cure the condition.

On Wednesday, Johnny Hallyday, 73, slammed the magazine for sensationalizing the cancer. He confirmed that, contrary to those reports, he was doing well, and the cancer was not fatal.

Not In Danger Today

On his Twitter account, Johnny Hallyday posted a message in his native French. The message called out the media blowing up his health issues and called the “alarmist” stories “false, annoying, and shameful”.

In a translation shared by The Guardian, the singer had this to say:

“Modesty and discretion should still be observed in this sort of case, even if only out of respect for my own… So, I assure you, I am doing well and am in good physical fitness. They did indeed discover cancerous cells a few months ago, for which I am currently undergoing treatment. I am being monitored by some excellent professors, in whom I have total confidence. My life is not in danger today.

It’s a battle that I am fighting proudly with my wife Laeticia at my side. I will go to the end for all those who love me.”

The post was followed by a flood of well wishes and prayers from fans.

Hallyday previously faced other health scares after an earlier surgery back in 2009. His producer publicly accused a French surgeon of committing an error while repairing a herniated disc. The mistake caused Hallyday to be put into a medically induced coma, causing France to hold its breath for one of the nation’s beloved.

The French Elvis

Johnny Hallyday – born Jean-Philippe Smet – rose to popularity in the 1960’s. Inspired by the American sensation Elvis Presley, he became known for singing rock n’ roll in French. His debut single “Laisse les filles” was released on Vogue in 1960, followed by his first album Hello Johnny. Several more followed, and he conquered various European charts across the decades. Hallyday would then go on to have an illustrious musical career spanning nearly 50 years, which includes sales of 80 million records and 18 platinum albums.

Hallyday’s popularity doesn’t extend much beyond his home country, which earned him the nickname, “the biggest rock star you’ve never heard of.”

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