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John Mayer Still Feel Like Your Man Song Is For Katy Perry

John Mayer revealed that ex-girlfriend Katy Perry was his inspiration in his new single, Still Feel Like Your Man. Apart from that revelation, Mayer recently said goodbye to alcohol and is thinking of “entering a cannabis lifestyle.” Moreover, the singer says he seems to be running late on some important matters of life.

Ex-Girlfriend Katy Perry Was Singer’s Muse

John Mayer is back in the music scene armed with a new album titled The Search for Everything. Fox News reports that the album’s title track, Still Feel Like Your Man is an ode to his relationship with ex-girlfriend, Katy Perry.

In his interview with the New York Times, Mayer said, “Who else should I be thinking about?” The Your Body Is a Wonderland singer continued and revealed that his relationship with Perry was his “only relationship” in the past few years.

The Free Fallin’ singer did admit that he is not actively pursuing someone. However, the singer mentioned that he subscribed on an exclusive dating app but has not really “gone out” on a lot of actual dates. “It’s just a lot of chatter. We all talk to the same people. There are very few people actually meeting up,” says Mayer.

John Mayer Ready To Settle Down?

Meanwhile, TIME reports that the Why Georgia singer also revealed that he quit drinking recently and is “very thoughtfully entering a cannabis lifestyle.” Moreover, the outlet notes that Mayer is willing to trade his “bad boy image” to something more domestic.

The initial report notes that the singer wished someone would throw him a part on his 40th birthday. The actor will celebrate his big 4-0 on Oct. 16. Apart from looking for a special someone, he also admits wanting a little John Mayer wearing “protective earphones” by the stage while watching his dad perform.

For the singer, he thinks he is coming back to the music scene at the right time. However, with regard to where he should be in his life, he thinks he’s already running late.

The singer went on hiatus from 2011 because of granuloma discovered on his vocal chords. Mayer underwent a few surgeries and the doctor advised him not to strain his voice. Because of this, he had to cancel his tour and rest his vocal chords. In Jan. 2013, the Love on the Weekend singer performed publicly in Bozeman, after two years of being out of the limelight.

The Search for Everything is Mayer’s seventh studio album, which will be released on April 14, 2017. Prior to this, the singer released three EPs that featured songs from the album. What can you say about the recent John Mayer revelation? Share your thoughts with us!

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