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Grammys 2017: Here’s Why You Cannot Pit Adele And Beyonce Against Each Other

The Grammys 2017 is looking less and less like a contest among many artists, and more like a heavyweight duel. Beyoncé and Adele headline the biggest awards show in the music industry this year. Both have their names on the most important ballots of the night: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. But while it looks like a real punch-out between the two, you can’t totally compare Beyoncé and Adele. Not really, and not yet.

It’s actually very difficult to make a case for any other female artist to be bigger in music at the moment. Sure, you try tossing in Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande in there, but they don’t match up. You’ll find Sia and Kelly Clarkson on other ballots for this year’s awards as well, but they’re simply not blazing as brightly right now.

In the end, it still comes right down to Beyoncé and Adele. And undeniably, Queen Bey is still the woman on top.

Breaking Records

Okay, slow down for a second. If you’re an Adele fan, put the pitchforks down and give us a chance to explain! This isn’t a guess as to whether Lemonade will beat out Hello in the Grammys 2017; it’s just a comparative look at the legacies they’ve built so far.

Adele is an amazing vocalist and songwriter, and no one will knock 25 for the attention it has drawn this year. But an argument to match her up with Beyoncé falls short when we look at the numbers.

Before the Grammys 2017 are underway, let’s take a look at their Grammy histories:

Beyoncé: 20 Awards on 62 Nominations

Adele: 10 Awards on 18 Nominations

At this time, Beyoncé has the advantage of longevity on the scene; she’s been around twice as long as Adele, and has double the Grammys, too. If you take the sales of their records alone, the Queen still has the upper edge: She’s has six albums go platinum, compared to Adele’s three. In 2015, Forbes gave Mrs. Knowles-Carter the label of ‘Most Powerful Female in Entertainment’. You don’t get much higher than that.

Let’s not forget that Beyoncé is 8 Grammys away from breaking Alison Krauss’s record of 27… and she’s nominated for 9 this year. She’s 35 years old with plenty of gas left in the tank. A betting fellow would probably be wise to say that, by the time she hangs her shiny shoes up, Beyoncé will have the most Grammys any female artist has ever got. Adele still has to leapfrog Arethra Franklin and Alicia Keys before she gets into that conversation.

Still Young

To give credit to Adele: she’s rising, and rising fast. Her vocal talent is quite unlike what we’ve seen from other female artists. Besides, she’s much younger than Beyoncé. If she continues her pace, then comparisons to Beyoncé will surely be much more fair by the time her album 38 comes out. (Just kidding: Adele has already shared, she’s no longer going to be naming albums after her age).

Any predictions for the Grammys 2017? Hit us in the comments below!

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