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Grammys 2017: Adele Wins Album, Record of the Year; Beyonce Fans Think This Is Travesty

In a healthy competition between music’s biggest stars today, Adele wins the show at Grammys 2017. Beyonce’s fans beg to differ, however.

Despite Beyonce’s praise-worthy performance at the Grammys 2017, her track ‘formation‘ and album ‘lemonade‘, it was indeed Adele who had the last laugh. The British singer, for her part, had a do-over moment at the ceremony. Her tribute to George Michael didn’t initially go as planned. “I can’t mess this up for him”, teary-eyed Adele said, before going on to sing her take on Michael’s ‘Fastlove‘.

Grammys 2017: Beyonce Vs Adele

Adele took home a whopping 5 Grammys including the record, album and song of the year. She faced stern competition from her contemporary pop star, Beyonce. The latter garnered accolade from the event goers, thanks to her evocative performance. Even though she’s pregnant with twins, that didn’t stop her from taking the stage by storm. Most of the twitteratis have their respect in Beyonce after the exemplary performance, of course.

However, Adele’s awards at the expense of Beyonce provided the talking point. The decision had the fans divided in opinion for the obvious reasons. Concerns were rife that the Grammy voters incline towards traditional pop over R&B and even hip-hop, for that matter. In that vein, twitteratis are of an opinion that Beyonce was overlooked for the prestigious music awards.

In contrast to that, it’s indeed Beyonce who has the highest nominations ever in the awards’ history with 62 nominations. Also, she’s just 7 Grammys shy of the highest winner of all time – Alison Krauss. Beyonce leads Adele in the overall wins, with the latter’s tally being 10 Grammys. Another accusation that is doing the rounds is the non-diversity of the Grammys. As far as album of the year category goes, Beyonce’s win would have made her the first black woman to win it since 1999. Not to mention, Beyonce has been missing out twice in last half a decade.

Grammys 2017: Takeaway

On a serious note, there was a lot of mutual respect between the two singers at the ceremony. During the acceptance speech, Adele spoke in adoration of the pregnant Beyonce. “I adore you, I want you to be my mommy”, she said, evoking tears in Beyonce. Also, while accepting the award for the album of the year, Adele was all praise for Beyonce’s “empowering” album Lemonade.

Some took a penchant for Beyonce’s outlandish performance and some clearly didn’t. The same applies to Adele’s do-over, which saw huge support and criticism in the aftermath. The takeaway here is that despite the critics’ wrath, the singers have respect for each other. Something that is conspicuously missing among their fans.

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