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Grammy Awards 2017 – Loses the ‘Rock and Roll’ Plot!

Grammy Awards is never without a controversy. This time, however, they are in a quandary about Rock and Roll.

First thing first, Rock and Roll has lost its true meaning over the years. Popular music is taking over the music scene and with that, wrecking the authenticity of Rock. The prestigious Grammy Awards should have known better, of course. They don’t, however. The nominations speak for themselves!

Grammy Awards 2017: Nominations

Beyonce gets a nomination for a featuring act with Jack White, ‘Don’t hurt yourself‘. So far, so good, until one hears the category she gets the nomination for ‘Best Rock Performance’ – yikes! Turns out, Grammy Awards are seemingly losing the Rock and Roll plot. Why would Beyonce be in the category then, anyway?

This doesn’t end here. When did ‘Twenty One Pilots’ become eligible for a nomination in Rock category? Perhaps, one has to hold a guitar, play a couple of riffs and get themselves a Grammy nomination. Whatever happened to The Beatles and the Rolling Stones days! Johnny Cash wouldn’t approve, that’s for sure. It’s indeed a pain to see the likes of Beyonce and some guitar-holding tyro misrepresenting the genre.

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The Full Story

The blame doesn’t per se go to Grammy, it’s indeed the generation problem. Gone are the Led Zeppelin and the Pink Floyd days when Rock and Roll had its true ambassadors. Best Rock album, for instance, is an immaculate blunder, if not anything. Who is ‘Panic! At the Disco’ and ‘Cage the Elephant’? Are they Rock and Roll? If they are, are they enough Rock and Roll for a Grammy? Not a chance!

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Gojira’s Magma gets a respectful nomination and it’s welcoming. Weezer and Blink – 182, on the other hand, is better left it at that. Abomination is an understatement for Grammy Awards’ work with the nominations. Furthermore, Best Rock Song category is the same story all over again. No offence to the song Heathens, but best Rock song? That’s far-fetched!

Finally, the panel recognizes metal acts and nominates Megadeth and Baroness. That’s a relief, but, wait, they put Korn in there too. That’s a bummer right there! It’s beyond anyone’s comprehension how Korn is an authentic metal band. Long live Rock and Roll.

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