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Gong Minzy Reveals Tracks Of Her New Album; Singer Receives Support From Fellow Celebrities

Gong Minzy released the full track list of her upcoming album. Apart from that, fellow artists showed their love and support to her. Moreover, they expressed how excited they are for the release of her solo album. Read on to know more!

Gong Minzy Reveals New Tracks

After giving a dance teaser and a few concept photos, Gong Minzy revealed the full track list of her album. Soompi reports that the former 2NE1 member shared the title of the tracks on her Instagram page.

The outlet notes that based on what Minzy shared, her album will consist of six songs, one of which is her own composition. The source notes that apart from wanting to hear the tracks, Gong Minzy’s supporters are excited to hear the artists featured on her album. The publication reports that Flowsik and Jay Park are included in the 23-year-old’s much-awaited album.

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Minzy’s Co-Artists Show Support

Apart from Minzy’s supporters, Asia Starz reports that the singer’s co-artists are also excited for her album’s release. The latter report further noted that Running Man host Yoo Jae Suk was one of the many who sent his congratulatory message to the singer.

The former 2NE1 member shared a photo of Jae Suk on her Instagram account where the host holds the piece of paper that contains his message. The Running Man host’s message reads: “Minzy, I sincerely congratulate you on your comeback, Minzy! Go get it! Fighting! Come on.”

The source notes that the Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2 members also showed their support to the singer and she is thankful for their support. The outlet notes that Minzy’s solo album is titled UNO.

The South Korean singer will officially launch her album on April 17. After that, Minzy will travel to Japan and perform for her Japanese fans next month, a source from Music Works stated. Moreover, the same insider said that the singer will be at the Hitotsubashi Hall in Tokyo on May 5.

In the said event, the singer will also perform her new tracks for her supporters. Apart from working on her album, Minzy is also a cast member for Sister’s Slam Dunk, a reality show that airs every Friday on KBS.

Gong Minzy is one of the four members of the now disbanded South Korean girl group 2NE1. She was the first to officially leave the group before the group’s agency, YG Entertainment announced their official disbandment. What can you say about the list of tracks in the new Gong Minzy album? Share your thoughts with us!

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