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Fans Plead Eminem To Release New Album; Rapper’s Ex-Wife Back In Court

When will the Eminem new album come out? This is the question every Eminem supporter wants to know. Meanwhile, the rapper’s ex-wife, Kim Mathers is back in court for “alleged violation of her probation.”

Eminem supporters are over the moon because of the recent activities posted in the rapper’s Twitter account this year. Recently, the rapper shared a photo of a poster for his Glasgow performance in August.

Eminem New Album Update

Marshall Mathers captioned his tweet saying, “SOLD OUT! Glasgow with @therealelp @KillerMike @xdannyxbrownx.” The tweet garnered 1,475 retweets and more than 5,000 likes. However, apart from his upcoming performance, fans wants to know when his new album will be released.

Twitter user @Insanemathers was the first to tweet and asked the rapper about his upcoming album. Another user, @TobezD tweeted that “a mixtape or EP would be amazing.” Some suggested that Eminem and rapper Royce should collaborate because “something special” happens when they do.

The Real Slim Shady rapper released his last album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 in 2013. After a few years, the Detroit native released a song titled Campaign Speech in October 2016. In addition, he also announced that he was working on a new album to the delight of his fans.

Unfortunately, there is still no further information with regard to the album’s release date. A previous Tripped Media article reported that Eminem will reveal his album and tour dates in his upcoming Glasgow performance.

Did Kim Mathers Violate Her Probation?

Meanwhile, in other Eminem news, Click On Detroit reports that the rapper’s ex-wife, Kim Mathers appeared in court last Monday, March 20. The outlet notes that Kim allegedly committed a violation of her probation.

The source notes that documents show that “Kim’s alcohol and drug tests came back diluted.” This led the court to believe that the former Mrs. Mathers compromised her tests. Mather’s attorney said that the reason why Kim failed the tests because she did not know how she might compromise the results.

Mather’s counsel said that drinking liquids like coffee or too much water can compromise the results. Moreover, Kim is using Soberlink, a portable alcohol breathalyzer that shows she is 100 percent compliant.

The judge decided that Kim should continue using Soberlink. Moreover, she should also undergo the mandated alcohol and drug tests each month for 90 days. After 3 months, the judge will review her case. Kim pleaded no contest to the charges on Oct. 18, 2016, to avoid a trial. She crashed her SUV and admitted to drinking and driving.

Meanwhile, fans still await the Eminem new album release. Do you think he’d release it in August? Share your thoughts with us!

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