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Eminem New Song 2017: New Album Will Possibly Feature Tracks With Adele and Madonna

Fans have been eagerly waiting for news about Eminem new song 2017. The last time we have seen the rapper launch an album was a decade ago. To say that was a long time ago is a complete understatement.

Since early this year, there have been rumors that Eminem will be releasing his new album soon. There were even so-called leaks of the songs and plans for collaborating with different artists. However, Eminem did not confirm any news, updates, or rumors about his upcoming album.

Eminem new song 2017 is a collaboration with Adele, Madonna, and others?

Now, you may think this weird, but there are rumors that Eminem new song 2017 is a collaboration with either Adele, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, or Demi Lovato. Imagine how weird it is to see Cyrus and Eminem on stage performing? Cyrus has always been a wild flower child while Eminem is all about machoism and the thug life.

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Eminem New Song 2017

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Eminem

Besides, didn’t Eminem diss Cyrus in one of his raps? There was never any confirmation that the lines were meant for the former Hannah Montana star, but many believe that this was Eminem’s way of calling out The Voice host.

It sure is interesting to see Cyrus and Eminem write and perform a song together. Imagine how they would look like with Cyrus wearing a rainbow-colored onesie and Eminem in his black leather jacket.

How about Adele? How would Eminem and Adele’s soulful voice sound like? It is surely a collaboration worth checking out. Both of these artists are stars in their own rights.

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Is Eminem collaborating with Madonna?

Another rumor that is making the rounds is the Eminem-Madonna collaboration. The Queen of Pop once said in 2009 that she wants to work with the rapper. But she is afraid, he may be shy to do a team-up. If this will push through, that song will surely be on top of the charts.

Another artist that wants to work with Eminem is Demi Lovato. Both of them struggled in life, and they can certainly do a song about recovery and working against the odds. Lovato said her dream collaboration is an Eminem new song 2017.

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