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Eminem New Album 2017: The Truth Behind The Current Rumors

Eminem New Album 2017: Will it finally be released?

Eminem’s new album, allegedly titled “Success”, was expected by fans and hip-hop enthusiasts alike in 2016. Due to no official updates from the rapper’s party or himself, it seems like that Success’ release date will be shifted to 2017. The album was said to contain 21 tracks, with collaborations from various artists, as well as a diss track to the girl who claims to be his daughter.

Rumors of a second daughter?

In the first week of November, a girl named Haley appeared on Dr. Phil’s show and claimed she was pregnant of Jesus and that her father was Eminem. There are celebrities who find themselves tangled in controversies whether they had a child from flings and the Rap God may be one of them.

In her interview with Dr. Phil, Haley claimed she saw a childhood picture where she was sitting on the lap of a man who looks exactly like Eminem. Her sister, however, clarified that the man was a family member and not the world renowned rapper.

Despite Haley’s allegations about her pregnancy and biological roots, her mother Kristi claims that Haley was a compulsive liar. Although the girl had tried to contact the rapper via social media, Eminem still remains silent about the issue. However, that doesn’t mean there will not be a possibility the “Empty Without Me” rapper will not make a diss track about Haley in his upcoming album.

Eminem New Album 2017: When will it be released?

Picture Credit: Screenshot from the official music video of "Rap God" taken from the YouTube Channel EminemVEVO

Picture Credit: Screenshot from the official music video of “Rap God” taken from the YouTube Channel EminemVEVO

The rapper’s new album, “Success”, is expected to break Eminem’s past records. This could be the result of the long wait from fans, the rumored collaborations, and of course, Eminem’s rapping prowess. There are also rumors that Eminem will include a track in honor of Proof, his best friend. Proof died on 2006 after he was shot thrice in a club in Detroit. Aside from that, fans can also expect Eminem including songs that talk about his struggles, his success, and those who diss him.

As of the moment, Eminem has not made any announcement regarding his upcoming album’s release. Aside from the 2017 release allegations, no one knows when “Success” will come out.  However, the rapper confirmed on his official Twitter  account that he’s working on a new one.




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