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Eminem New Album 2017: Here’s The Recent Update & Why Fans Can’t Wait

Fans are already excited for the Eminem new album 2017. It has been three years since the Rap God came out with the Marshall Mathers LP 2. While BerzerkRap God, and Headlights were some of the best singles in the album, fans still clamored for more from Eminem.

Marshall Mathers LP 2 debuted in the Billboard 200 as the number one album in the US. It was the second best-selling album of 2013, and has sold 3.8 million copies worldwide by 2014. It also won the Best Rap Album award in the 57th Grammy Awards.

What We Know About The Eminem New Album 2017

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Devoted fans have been waiting for Eminem to come up with a new album. The Eminem new album 2017 rumors are increasing by the minute. There are also speculations that the album is filled with collaborations from some of the biggest names in the music industry. These artists include Adele, Madonna, and a possible collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

There are also rumors that the album will include a diss track on Haley, a girl who claimed she was Eminem’s second daughter. The world-renowned rapper was quiet about the issue. But that doesn’t hinder the possibility that Cleaning Up My Closet rapper will write something about Haley.

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Rapper Finally Shed Some Light On His New Album

Fans have been dying to know more about Eminem’s new album ever since the rapper confirmed in his Twitter that it is already in the works. Yibada also reported that the Stan rapper finally gave a small hint regarding the Eminem new album 2017.

In his “Hanukkah Radio” interview, Eminem revealed that the new title track is “cool and flattering”. In addition to that, he also feels that it will become very successful just like his other songs. The tiny information has upped the already high excitement of fans for the upcoming album. With only small details regarding the album, all fans can do is wait for more information about the new album from Eminem himself or anyone from his side dish .

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