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Eminem New Album 2017: Who Else Is Calling It

Everyone’s looking for an Eminem new album 2017 update, but it seems like the only news we have of late has just come from the rumor mill. The rapper doesn’t seem to be addressing anything that’s been circulating online and the only news we have of him is in the form of surprises every now and then.

Eminem Is Prominently Being Featured Again

Apart from having Without Me as one of the songs that appeared in the movie, Suicide Squad, 2016 was somewhat eventful for Eminem. He released a new song called Campaign Speech, which seemed to be a stab at now-President Donald Trump.

He’s appeared in two tracks: Kill For You by Skylar Grey and Welcome to Planet X (We’re Coming) from KXNG Crooked. Although, the two aren’t the biggest acts in hip-hop as of the moment, they both represent Shady Records.

Eminem Campaign Speech

Campaign Speech was a savage stab at the state of the elections, and it showcased almost eight-minutes of the usual controversial lyrical prowess that many fans expect to come from the rapper. The track was said to be a success however, as it was released on the day of the third presidential debate.

What Has He Been Doing So Far?

The 44-year-old rapper has had some stuff on his plate. Just two years ago he announced that he would be the music supervisor and executive producer for the TV series Motor City. The last we’ve heard from him was his collaboration with Big Sean and the charity work he’s been doing.

Eminem New Album 2017

No Favors by Big Sean, featured Eminem’s vocals and fans were incessant to see it climb the charts. This is due to the fact that his last charting track was his collaboration with Rihanna entitled The Monster.

It wasn’t just President Donald Trump that was blasted in the track No Favors, as Ann Coultier, a supporter of President Donald Trump, was also given a fiery diss. To which she replied, “I think it’s unfortunate that the left, from Berkeley to Eminem with his rap songs, has normalized violence against women, as Eminem has done.”

Some sources such as Howl & Echoes, are already calling it, stating that, “It’s a big call, we know, but we’re doing it: Eminem will be releasing a new album within the next few months.” However, the rapper has always been quiet about his plans so we are yet to see what the future holds for al of his loyal fans.

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