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Eminem New Album 2017: Collaborations, Track List; What Else Have We Heard

It’s been more than a good three years since the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2. You can tell what it means for fans of the real Slim Shady: Eminem new album 2017 news ought to be dropping any minute now.

While information regarding the Rap God‘s next set of tracks is pretty sparse, we’ve gathered what information there is below.

Rumors Confirmed and Debunked

We know for a certainty that Eminem has some new material on the way. The artist confirmed it himself in a tweet back in October 2016: “Don’t worry, I’m working on a new album!” So that’s no rumor, and fans don’t need to worry about Marshall dropping off the charts altogether.

In a previous Tripped Media report, a Reddit user posted a supposed “leak” of Eminem’s next album. The supposed leak reveals the album title as Success, set for a January 2017 release date . It lists a number of track titles along with their respective track lengths and their featured artists – Adele, Chance the Rapper, even The Weeknd.

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Before anyone could get too excited, however, the photo was quickly dismissed as a complete fake. Fans quickly pointed out how unusual it was for the rapper to invite so many artists for one album, as well as the dubiousness of some of the track names – the titles This is It and Success invited doubts from most who saw the post.

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Eminem New Album 2017 – What Time You Suckin’ It

Eminem’s official website doesn’t list much of a preview in the way of new material either (the latest news listed there points to his apparel collaboration projects). Nor has Slim shared many updates on social media; his last tweet, as of this time, is a Happy Holidays greeting.

In a recent interview on Shade 45‘s “Hannukah Radio”, Eminem first says that he’s been doing “absolutely nothing” recently – besides maybe watching the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys. Further pressed, however, Eminem does give a brief preview of an upcoming single, of which he sang the hook. “Tell me what time, what time, what time… What time you suckin’ it, what time you suckin’ it.”

Eminem expresses that the single – which will likely generate its fair share of attention, as some of his bolder tracks have – will be out soon, and urges listeners to watch out for it. And yes, the actual title is really What Time Are You Suckin’ It. Whether it’s going to be listed on the Eminem new album 2017 is still anybody’s guess, however.

Any guesses for when the Eminem new album 2017 might drop? Let’s hear it below!

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