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Elliott Smith: What’s All The Buzz About

The music of Elliott Smith may be coming back into the spotlight. Kill Rock Stars, Smith’s former label, is set to release an expanded reissued LP of his 3rd studio album Either/Or, which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017. To be included here are some previously unheard recordings by the American singer-songwriter. It will be available on March 10.

Though he passed away in 2004 at the age of 34, this announcement may bring some attention back to his old acoustic tunes and mellow, heart-rending lyrics.

Either/Or 20th Anniversary, I Figured You Out Re-Release

First released in 1997, Either/Or earned Elliott Smith plenty of lifelong fans, and was listed by Pitchfork Media as among the greatest albums of the 1990’s. Some of its tracks were incorporated into the soundtrack of Good Will Hunting, which came out the same year.

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Also accompanying the announcement was the release of a previously unheard studio recording of I Figured You Out. Originally recorded in 1995, I Figured You Out was produced as a demo for his friend Mary Lou Lord, according to Billboard. He has been self-deprecating of the song, saying once that “it sounds like the (expletive) Eagles”, and that it was “a stupid pop song”. Still we went on to admit that Mary Lou Lord liked the song.

In the studio recording just released by Kill Rock Stars, a bit of the production’s background noise can be heard – Elliott Smith presumably picking up his guitar, and murmuring some instructions to the crew. The soft flow of the song, a strong example of Smith’s indie folk sound, may induce some nostalgia in older fans.

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Elliott Smith Career History

Smith’s music career started out when he played for rock band Heatmiser. He launched his solo career in 1994 and had two studio albums, Roman Candle (1994) and Elliot Smith (1995) before the release of Either/Or. He came into prominence when Miss Misery, included in the Good Will Hunting soundtrack, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Two more albums, XO (1998) and Figure 8 (2000) followed. The circumstances of his death were grisly, as he was found with fatal stab wound in his California home. Though first ruled as a suicide, the possibility of a homicide had come up, according to The Guardian.

Any thoughts on the re-release of the LP? Let us hear about it in the comments below.

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