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Critics Pick The Best 2016 KPop Songs

This year, the KPop industry saw the clash between veterans and rookies when it came to track releases and live performances. Songs in various genres from different artists dominated the charts both in Korea and in international sphere. In this list, some of the best 2016 KPop songs that slayed the music charts are featured.

Billboard has compiled a list of the most popular KPop songs for this year. With combinations of established KPop acts and newcomers, take a look at these KPop tracks that ruled the music charts.

The Best 2016 KPop Songs

BERMUDA TRIANGLE Artwork by. Rowdigga

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Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS

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Powerful hip-hop performance group BTS broke a lot of records with their newest single. Their second full album, Wings, ranked first in iTunes in more than 20 countries. In addition to that, the music video to their title track Blood Sweat & Tears reached over 6 million views within 24 hours of its release. BTS also debuted at #26 in Billboard 200, making a new record for US’ “Highest Charting and Best Selling Kpop Album”. This position was previously held by 2NE1 at #61 with their album Crush.

Bermuda Triangle by Zico featuring Crush and Dean

Block B’s main rapper and leader Zico is hailed as one of the musical prodigies in his generation. Born in 1992 as Woo Ji Ho, Zico is known for his powerful lyrics, rapping prowess, and ability to radiate an underground aura while maintaining his appeal as a KPop idol. His newest single Bermuda Triangle, which features notable artists Crush and Dean, reached number one in various music charts like Melon, Naver and Mnet. It was also the song that pushed Zico to win the Best Male Artist award in the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2016.

Why So Lonely by Wonder Girls

After the departure of two members last year, Wonder Girls came back and they are better than ever. With their single Why So Lonely, the queens of throwback treated their listeners to a reggae, 70’s era-esque song that tackles a person who feels lonely despite the company present.

Cheer Up by TWICE

JYP Entertainment’s youngest idol group entered the KPop industry with their catchy tunes and cute choreography. Their second track, Cheer Up, solidified TWICE’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with among girl groups. With the LSS-inducing lyrics (remember Sana’s ‘shy shy shy’ part?) and peppy dance moves, it’s hard not to fall for TWICE and eventually stan them, making their singles one of the best 2016 KPop songs.

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What’s in Store for KPop in 2017?

2016 has been a busy year for Korea’s entertainment industry. Fans saw how certain idol groups became trendsetters, established groups proved they’re the best, and rookies amaze the audience with their fresh concepts. Although there were groups who said goodbye this year, fans are still eager to know what’s next for KPop in 2017. With various acts present in the best 2016  KPop songs, it’s exciting to see on who will dominate the charts next year.

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