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Coachella 2017: Will Daft Punk Join Lady Gaga After ‘Terrible’ Grammys Performance

There’s a rumor going around that Coachella 2017 has added Daft Punk to their lineup. The music festival, April 15, has fans already excited. However, there’s a bit of a backlash going on with the rumored addition of the duo. Many deemed Daft Punk’s performance at the Grammy’s as “terrible” and don’t really think they’re worth it as the event’s headliner. Below are more details about the music festival and the artists included in the lineup.

Coachella 2017: Daft Punk In The List

Having Daft Punk attend Coachella 2017 has heightened the excitement for some and has raised eyes from others. In addition to having them in the event, there are talks of Daft Punk even joining Lady Gaga on stage.

According to Page Six, they’re currently working on logistics. Another said that it could be possible.

Nothing has been confirmed as of the moment and all these are just speculations. Rumored artists to perform include Katy Perry, Adele, Daft Punk and Lady Gaga.

Beyoncé was also said to perform. However, because of her pregnancy, she’s been pulled out of the list on doctor’s orders.

Daft Punk recently released I Feel It Coming which they performed at the Grammys with The Weeknd. But the performance wasn’t considered impressive and many fans are slightly concerned of their presence at this year’s Coachella.

Daft Punk’s Grammy Performance

Daft Punk’s performance at the Grammy’s looked very promising at the start. The duo emerged dressed in Darth Vader-esque outfits with the matching capes. The stage also looked like one big glacier and many were expecting a lit performance.

But it didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. Daft Punk turned into mere props in the background. As Pulse said, the saddest part of the show was that no one even seemed to notice them being there throughout the duration of it.

If Daft Punk are really confirmed for Coachella, then they might want to think twice about what they’re going to do out there. Fans are expecting to see some really cool stages this year. Furthermore, if Daft Punk pull the same stage as they did in the Grammy’s people might not be expecting much from them from now on.

Are you ready for Coachella 2017? Who are you expecting to be confirmed on the list? Let us know who you’re most looking forward to seeing at this year’s biggest music festival.

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