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BTS New MV: Idol Group Slays The Charts Once Again

BTS New MV was released just yesterday and the boy group is already breaking their own records. That’s no surprise, though, because BTS has one of the biggest fandoms in the KPop industry as of today.

Although they debuted in 2013, BTS is one of the biggest names in KPop as of the moment. With their powerful performances and choreography, the group gained a large fan base and became a trendy idol group worldwide. Their previous comeback, Blood Sweat & Tears, shattered many records in KPop. And it looks like Spring Day will do that as well.

BTS New MV: 10 million Views In One Day…

BTS new MV for Spring Day, their newest track, is one of the fastest music video of a KPop group to reach 10 million. The video was uploaded on Feb. 13 by Big Hit and it already has 14 million views as of the moment. The music video surpassed the record of Blood Sweat & Tears, which reached more than 6 million views in one day.

In addition to that, Spring Day also broke another record. Girl group TWICE’s TT used to hold the record for fastest KPop MV to reach 10 million in one day. TT achieved the milestone in 40 hours and 31 minutes. Spring Day, on the other hand, reached 10 million in just 26 hours and 40 minutes.

Aside from the new music video, the album You Never Walk Alone is also a massive hit. The album’s tracks are leading the charts while Spring Day is in first place in major Korean charts. Also, Spring Day reached a spot in the top 10 iTunes song chart in the US.

You Never Walk Alone also took the top spot in the iTunes album charts of 13 countries as of February 12, 7:20 AM K.S.T. The countries include Philippines, Armenia, Taiwan, and Thailand, proving that BTS’ fan base has spanned in many parts of the world.

But There’s More

Apparently, BTS is on the roll today. Aside from the BTS new MV on Feb. 13, the group plans to release another music video on Feb. 20. This video will be for Not Today, another track in You Never Walk Alone. Even though it is still several days away, fans are already on the edge to see the music video. Fans are already expecting that Not Today will be as successful as Spring Day, if not surpass it. A teaser for Not Today was released on Feb. 10 and it currently has 3.9 million views.

Congratulations to BTS and A.R.M.Ys!

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