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BTS Comeback: It’s Sooner Than Expected

It looks like 2017 is a very busy year for KPop. Aside from the various awards shows, artists are making comeback announcements left and right. Some of these artists include BoA, Rain, and miss A’s Suzy. In addition to that, fans will witness BTS comeback, which has been confirmed by the boy group’s agency.

The 7-member group achieved many milestones with their recent album Wings. The music video for their title track Blood Sweat & Tears got millions of views within 24 hours of its release. In addition to that, BTS is also preparing for their upcoming world tour. A comeback will definitely cement the idol group’s popularity and performing prowess.

Big Hit Entertainment: BTS Comeback is ‘confirmed’

According to Koreaboo, unidentified sources revealed that the BTS comeback will happen sometime in February. Despite their hectic schedule, the boys are preparing for another album that will serve as the continuation of Wings. A release date was not yet given but it has been hinted that promotional activities will be there for a limited time only.

A representative from Big Hit Entertainment confirmed the news. “The boys are preparing for a comeback. They have set their goal in February. But they are still discussing on what type of songs they’ll come up with so we don’t have a release date yet,” the representative said.

A.R.M.Ys, the official name of BTS’ fan club, speculated that BTS is set to release another song soon. The rumors began when the group revealed an altered logo of the Wings’ album during the KBS Song Festival. They already released the W, I, N, and G of the album. Many assumed that the boys will reveal the S version in 2017.

BTS Comeback: Anticipated by Fans and Rivals Alike

Apparently, fans are not the only ones keeping an eye out for BTS’ new song. Thanks to their success and worldwide popularity, other entertainment agencies are closely watching BTS. The reason was not blatantly stated, but it’s possible that these agencies don’t want their own artists’ release dates to coincide with BTS’ comeback.

Blood Sweat & Tears drove fans wild and converted a lot of people into A.R.M.Ys. With the confirmed news, many are anticipating that BTS will once again dominate the charts, just like they did last year with Wings and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.

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