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Beyonce Headlining Coachella: Not Cancelled; Roc Nation To Join

After Beyonce announced last week that she’s soon giving birth to twins, everyone was concerned about one thing: Beyonce headlining Coachella. That may sound a little selfish, we know, but that’s just how this world works now. We’re more concerned about the Coachella lineup than Queen B’s twins!

Beyonce is reportedly having a high-risk pregnancy, which means she has to rest for the remainder of her child-bearing months. It is still not clear how far along she is in her pregnancy, though many think she’s about four to five months. If that is true, she will be six-month pregnant by the time Coachella starts in April 2017.

Beyonce Headlining Coachella This April For Two Days

Beyonce headlining Coachella will happen for two days- April 15 and April 22. Amid the rumors that she will cancel her appearances at Coachella, Beyonce revealed that she has no intention of disappearing from her two acts.

Beyonce Headlining CoachellaPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

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Reports said that the singer has already made housing arrangements for “two secret guests” to join her onstage during the performance. Jay Z and Roc Nation are said to be the two mystery acts who will be with her in April. This might just mean that the singer wants to lessen the burden of performing before Coachella’s millions of fans.

The insurance policy of Coachella indicates that they will pay the fee of a singer who won’t be able to attend the music festival because of “incapacity.” One of the items under a singer’s “incapacity” to perform is high-risk pregnancy. Reportedly, Beyonce will be paid $1 million for the two-day show.

Beyonce Announced Pregnancy On Instagram

In what is probably the most liked Instagram post of all time (it has 9.9 million likes), Beyonce announced that she and husband Jay Z are expecting twins. This will be the second and third babies of the power couple. They had daughter Blue Ivy Carter five years ago.

A day later, the singer uploaded additional shots of her pregnancy photos on her official website. She even posed with their daughter, Ivy, and was filmed underwater with her baby bump.

Beyonce’s pregnancy with Ivy Blue has not been easy. In fact, reports back then said it was a “difficult” pregnancy, with the singer required to have bed rest. This time around, this could be even more difficult for the singer.

Beyonce headlining Coachella will be the second time a female headline act happened. She follows Bjork who got the role in 2002 and 2007.

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