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The Best Rock Albums To Look Out For In 2017

Any rock music enthusiast will testify to the decline in the genre in recent times. Let’s weigh-in keeping the upcoming rock albums’ release.

Electronic Pop and Hip hop are cutting in on the rock action now, turns out. No brutal way to realize that than see Beyonce in one of the rock albums categories. Ice Cube, for instance, says Rock n’ roll is not just a distinctive genre, but a way of doing things. Let’s entertain the proposition, but hey, you don’t see Behemoth getting a nomination in BET hip-hop awards, do you?

Rock Albums in 2017: Expectations

Twenty One Pilots is no less rock than U2 is, no doubt. Besides, rock stands for something more than a couple of catchy riffs and some wacko backdrop. Needless to say, Forbes lists out the possible releases in 2017 which is nothing more than a straw in the wind. Canadian Indie-Rock band, Arcade Fire, known for their affinity to art and authenticity are coming with an album. Considering their initial breakthrough, it’s safe to hope for a good one too.

Very few bands today have seen success and fame like U2 has in its heyday. The Irish band’s fanfare was close to sub-religion, one could say. However, their 2014’s Songs of Innocence was underwhelming for the most part. Bono and Co. are contemplating a return with Songs of Experience in 2017. One can only hope that the previous experience results in a good album this time!

Jared Leto’s 30 Seconds to Summer spoke on various platforms about coming with a fifth album this year. In their defense, they always come through with good music. Keeping the front-man’s hectic schedule in mind, it’s welcoming to see that they’re even making an effort. Musician Beck had an eventful Grammy Awards ceremony except for the Kanye West incident. Not only did he win the best Rock albums, but also was humble in his win. He is likely to put out an album this year.

More Releases

John Mayer’s The Search for Everything is being dubbed as the most anticipated albums this year for obvious reasons. The new god of Blues never ceases to amuse, of course. Speaking of someone who always comes through, Marilyn Manson is releasing his SAY10! The name alone is a hit, to say the least.

Bands like The Killers, The Black Keys and Dave Matthews Band are likely to roll out new music this year. Expectations are rife for these bands too. Three cheers for Rock n’ roll!

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