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Avril Lavigne’s ‘Dear Mark’ Berating to Mark Zuckerberg!

Mark Zuckerberg, with his home AI technology, is in the news lately. His technology won’t save him from Avril Lavigne’s wrath – courtesy of Nickelback gag!

The Facebook founder made an insightful video on his latest venture, Jarvis. The AI technology has Morgan Freeman’s voice for the obvious reasons! What is devoid of Morgan’s voice these days, anyway. He took a sly dig at the Canadian Rock band Nickelback, which was quite funny too, needless to say. Pop rock star Avril Lavigne who was once married to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger didn’t find it funny. Not quite.

Mark Zuckerberg: Jarvis Promotional Video

First things first, Jarvis is great – an embodiment of humanity’s astounding progress with technology. It’s only right that it gets the credit it rightfully deserves. Having said that, the scope is then shifted to the aftermath of its glorifying introduction. Everybody got a whiff of vanity in Mark’s life and it’s what it is. It’s perhaps the Nickelback gag that has the viewers divided in opinion.

Avril Lavigne is a frivolous person for the most part too. As much as she can refrain herself from public run-in and press, she does it. Mark Zuckerberg and his cutting edge innovation is least of her concern too. The same doesn’t apply with Nickelback, thanks to her close association with the band. Blame Jarvis, ’cause he’s the culprit that put all of them in the same equation.

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It’s essential to cut some slack to Mark Zuckerberg for his timely humor with the Nickelback wit. The band has been the butt of everyone’s joke for ages now. It was indeed a bit over the top with ‘there are no good Nickelback’ songs, but Avril is on touche mode. She went on a berating spree in response to Mark’s “bullying“.

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Avril Lavigne Response

Avril, without an iota of doubt, is a heart-throb of millions, thanks to her bohemian tomboyish lifestyle. It’s no exaggeration that in her heyday, she was the queen of a sub-religion. She is no outsider to making her statement irrespective of the outcome. A conviction such as that prompted a “poor taste” response to Mark, of course.

She doesn’t go on lambasting him too. She throws in the “responsibility” and the trope of contemporary events in her dialogue. Massive respect to her for backing Chad even after a bitter divorce. Perhaps, Mark should have known better. One doesn’t simply mess with a girl with a ‘f–k‘ tattoo etched on her ribs. Get that Mark!

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