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Albina Plagiarism: Russian Artist Claims She ‘Did Not Copy’ BIG BANG’s Taeyang

Fans were enraged after Russian singer, Albina, released a song that sounds exactly like Taeyang’s single Eyes, Nose, Lips. Albina plagiarism issues circulated on the internet as fans took to social media to express their anger.

The song, which was called I Love You, was released last Dec. 28, 2016. KPop fans immediately noticed the uncanny similarities in the melody to Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. Many began to bombard Albina’s Twitter account with hate messages as well as requests not to rip off from other artists without proper credit.

Albina Plagiarism: Where It All Began

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On Dec. 28, Russian singer Albina released a music video for her new song I Love You. The song starts with Albina in a car with a man while a soft piano instrumental plays. As soon as the balladeer began to sing, fans were shocked to hear the undeniable similarity to Taeyang’s 2014 hit single Eyes, Nose, Lips. There were slight differences but netizens claimed that the similarities are shocking.

The description of the music video states that Albina wrote and arranged the song. With all of the hate comments from angry Taeyang fans, the comments section was closed. However, YG Entertainment made a copyright claim of the song. YouTube took action by taking down Albina’s music video. The singer then uploaded the video in RuTube, which is a Russian version of YouTube. Despite the different websites, haters continued to bombard the singer with Albina plagiarism accusations.

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Albina’s Reaction to Plagiarism Issues

In a recent interview, the Russian singer claimed that the Albina plagiarism accusations were not true. According to Albina, I Love You is different from Eyes, Nose, Lips. She also added that she has never heard of Taeyang before.

“For me, the two songs are not similar. They have a lot of differences. And I found a new artist. I have never seen or heard of that artist before,” she said.

Albina also added that if ever the issue escalates, a court can see and decide whether I Love You is ripped off from Eyes, Nose, Lips.

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