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2NE1 New Song: It’s Official And It’s For The Fans

Blackjacks, get ready. YG Entertainment has confirmed that 2NE1 new song will be released as a final gift for the fans! CL, Dara, and Park Bom have worked together for the last time in their last track as a farewell to their fans.

2NE1 is one of the most popular KPop girl groups in today’s generation. They debuted in 2009 under YG Entertainment, making them a label mate of titan boy group BIG BANG. They are known for their strong electronic, hip hop-inspired beats. Some of their notable singles are FireI Don’t Care, and Come Back Home. Their youngest member, Minzy, left the group in April 2016, and the group disbanded last November 2016.

2NE1 New Song: A Parting Gift For The Fans

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The 2NE1 new song, which was titled Goodbye, was worked on by the members of 2NE1 themselves. Soompi reported that the ladies have already finished recording the song. In addition to that, they have flown to an unnamed country to shoot the music video on Jan. 3.

According to YG Entertainment, 2NE1 has come together for a last song because they didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to their fans.

“2NE1 received a lot of love in Korea and all over the world. They were sad that they failed to say their farewell to the fans after their sudden disbandment. This is why they are working together for the last time to make a song as a gift for the Blackjacks,” A representative from YG Entertainment said.

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What About Gong Minzy?

Now that it has been confirmed that 2NE1 will come together for the last time, many fans wondered if Minzy will join the trio. However, the YG Entertainment representative said that Minzy will not be joining 2NE1 for the song and music video. This is because she has signed in a different agency. Despite the former member’s absence, fans still look forward to the new song and music video.

The 2NE1 new song, Goodbye, will be released on Jan. 21.

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