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2017 People’s Choice Awards: Fifth Harmony Minus Camila Cabello Prepare First Performance Amid ‘Sexualization’ Allegations

Camila Cabello is leaving a trail of serious allegations with her departure from Fifth Harmony. The left four are preparing for 2017 People’s Choice Awards, nonetheless.

Pop culture is indeed an enigmatic one. “Unfortunately, sex sells”, Camila spoke in an interview shortly before calling it quits on the the girl band. In the wake of her departure, the pop band bid adieu to Epic Records too. The fast-paced world isn’t waiting for anyone, however. The remaining four are preparing to perform at 2017 People’s Choice Awards.

2017 People’s Choice Awards

The prestigious award honoring the best in popular culture is around the corner. Also, the 43-installment of the awards will see a performance from Fifth Harmony – now quartet group. After their formation in 2012’s edition of The X Factor, the band was constantly in the spotlight. Besides, the spotlight was perhaps a tad too much for Camila to handle.

Fifth Harmony won their debut People’s Choice Award in the last year’s edition, subsequently receiving a nomination this year. ET reports an Instagram post from the band announcing their participation in the 2017 People’s Choice Awards. The post captioned as “back on the rehearsal grind” shows the girls in a take-no-prisoners look.

The ceremony is due to take place on Jan. 18 in LA, which is coincidentally just a month after Camila bid adieu. It’s safe to say that it got a bit ugly during her departure too. Couple of allegations were thrown around towards the band and the pop realm in general. The 19-year-old took to her Instagram account to chide the industry for its ‘sexualization’ – something equivocal indeed.

Back on the rehearsal grind. Let's do this. ❤️

A post shared by Fifth Harmony (@fifthharmony) on

‘Sexualization’ Allegation

Camila didn’t hold anything back to imagination with her allegations, one could argue. She starts by saying how people have sexualized the band to grab the attention. Furthermore, she asserts that she has no ill-feelings towards anyone portraying sexuality, but she begs to differ. Not to mention, Camila didn’t quite get in terms with being under spotlight from the beginning.

It was rather surprising when she said about the ‘sexual undertones’ in their music over the four years. Pop culture and sexual undertones weren’t always mutually exclusive, of course. She definitely has a lot of respect for standing her ground and sticking to her guns. Needless to say, Fifth Harmony goes on and even Camila, for that matter.

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