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Wonder Woman Trailer: Here’s A Few Things Worth Noting About It

The third Wonder Woman trailer debuted earlier this week. It ramps up excitement for the DC extended universe’s next film, which hopes to be a strong step toward becoming a fantastic Justice League film. And in two-and-a-half minutes of preview, Gal Gadot looks positively amazing as the titular Wonder Woman. We already know she’s got the look and the chops to play Diana from Dawn of Justice. It’s only fitting that she gets a movie all to herself.

But now that it’s been a few days since the last trailer was released, we’ve been able to take a closer look at it. And a second look reveals a few key moments we should watch out for, when the film premieres.

Diana Goes From Being Protected To Being Chosen

As young girl, Diana’s mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) shows her the sword that she will eventually come to hold. When Diana asks who would wield it, Hippolyta answers, “Only the fiercest among us even could. But that is not you, Diana.”

Right away, we see that Diana is under the care of her protective mother. She puts the idea of being “the fiercest warrior” out of her mind immediately. Even though she was a child, Diana lives with a clan of warriors – there was no reason for her mother to discourage her from the weapon if she didn’t have a reason. In a parallelism to another DC icon, we might be reminded that Superman as a child was encouraged by his parents to avoid being a hero.

But then we fast forward to years later. Hippolyta is now encouraging Diana to be trained “five times harder, ten times harder”. Suddenly the idea that Diana could be the best warrior among the Amazons doesn’t seem so far-fetched. This is especially true when she blocks a fellow warrior’s attack with her gauntlets. It causes a massive energy wave that leaves even Diana herself looking shocked.

So, could something have happened while she was growing up that caused this shift in her treatment?

Becoming Wonder Woman And Saving The World Was Never Planned

Diana seems to recognize that “saving the world” was part being an Amazon warrior. But perhaps what that meant outside of Themyscira was never clear. Because when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) drops in and changes things by revealing the World War I threat, there’s a lot of indecision going on.

But Diana finally proclaims, “If no one else will defend the world, then I must.” That sounds like a decision made up on the spot, not the realization of years of planning.

Whatever kind of adventures she’ll have in 1910’s London, they’re completely unplanned. We’ll find out more when Wonder Woman is released on June 2, 2017.

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