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Transformers the Last Knight Trailer: The Real Reason Why Optimus Prime Wants to Destroy Bumblebee

Transformers The Last Knight trailer can be described in two words – explosive and breathtaking action. That’s three words actually but no other words will do. It also showed Optimus Prime doing his best to destroy the lovable Bumblebee. Here are a few guesses why.

Transformers The Last Knight trailer reveal?

Transformers Last Knight trailer showed Optimus Prime beating the yellow 1967 Camaro SS to a pulp. This is enough to raise the curiosity of fans and even non-fans as to what Michael Bay is up to in the next Transformers installment. Will Prime be the villain in this film?

In the trailer, Optimus Prime was floating in space but when he became conscious, he was not the same again. At the latter part of the trailer, Bumblebee happily approached him, glad that he was alive. However, he grabs the unsuspecting Bumblebee and slams him into the ground. Bumblebee looked impaled and one wonders whether he will survive the beating from his beloved leader.

The Transformers Legend

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Those who are very familiar with the story of Transformers, which is not limited to the movie series alone, will say that the scene was reminiscent of the story of the original animated movie, Transformers: The Movie.

In the animation, Megatron killed Optimus Prime in a grand scale battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. After that, he took the Autobot Matrix of Leadership which Prime kept hidden in his body. Unfortunately, another character named Hot Rod stole the Matrix from Megatron.

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The animated movie also introduced an alien race called the Quintessons. They are the ones who will resurrect Prime in hopes that the Matrix of Leadership will be in their hands. On the other hand, Hot Rod gave back the Matrix to Prime but soon after he put it back into his body, he began to attack his fellow Autobots.

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If indeed Michael Bay took after this plot, then that’s the nearest possible answer why Optimus Prime attacked Bumblebee. In the animated series, Prime was able to overcome what was controlling him so most probably that will also happen in the story.

The Transformers Last Knight trailer also hinted the return of a major villain, Unicron. The planet eater is the collective enemy of both the Decepticons and the Autobots. He might have something to do with Prime’s bizarre behavior in the movie. But of course, these are just theories.

Transformers: The Last Knight will hit the theaters on June 23, 2017.

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