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Transformers: The Last Knight is as Cliché as it Gets!

If someone has a mundane life, swirling around the platitudes, looking for a movie fix, Transformers: The Last Knight trailer isn’t for them!

What is happening to this world? The humanity, for starters, is heading for a downfall. Too surreal? Watch the Transformers: The Last Knight trailer, it speaks for itself. Michael Bay, the King of mayhem, is back with the fifth installment and voila, it’s bad news. Not only does it speak volumes of the banal trope of Hollywood, but also parodies itself! So much for millions!

Transformers: The Last Knight trailer

What goes wrong in the trailer, though? What goes right is perhaps a better question. Michael Bay got away with the predecessor movies, but not this time around. The miscasting of Anthony Hopkins’ character to Mark Wahlberg’s near-believable hairdo, everything else goes south! Not to mention, the enigmatic Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Important to remember that Anthony Hopkins is one of the finest actors of the generation. Furthermore, it’s not an exaggeration if anyone deems him one of the best too. It’s a pleasure to hear him begin the trailer with, “Two species at war, one flesh, one metal”. The real catch is when the knights on horses come into the picture.

The trailer throws in the forests, knights and some medieval landscapes. Guy Ritchie’s upcoming King Arthur comes to mind, but soon the trailer goes astray. There comes the anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi scenario and Michael Bay’s predominant explosions follow subsequently. Needless to say, Hopkins’ voice reminds, “Optimus Prime has left us“.

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Shifting Hollywood trend

Mark Wahlberg, as an actor, is nothing shy of Anthony Hopkins. Mark is doing his thing and he’s great at it too. In the actor’s defense, Transformers: The Last Knight was better left alone. His previous attempt was underwhelming and he is clearly missing the point. The delivery is overt and mega-bots are equally clueless, let alone the fans!

Transformers: The Last Knight

Screen grab from the Transformers trailer.

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Isabela Moner and Josh Duhamel play their part and so do the mega-bots. The phrase ‘Last Knight’, however, makes sense in the beginning, but loses the plot soon. Under the circumstances, it’s important to realize that the studios are in it for the big bucks! This movie is no exception, too. It’s poised for financial success and the fans are poised to watch it, regardless.

On a lighter note, Michael will direct the sixth installment for a 2019 release. Go figure!

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