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Transformers 5 May Show An Evil Optimus Prime

Fans of the Transformers movie franchise can wait no longer. The first trailer for Transformers 5 was just released, showing brand-new elements and high-quality CGI. The 150-second clip showed what seemed like several time jumps, new and recurring cast, and the strange battle scene between the benevolent Optimus Prime and fan-favorite Bumblebee.

Questions began to arise from the longtime supporters of the franchise. What is the connection of the Arthurian components? What’s that “planet” that looks like it’s about to devour the moon? And why is Optimus Prime fighting his loyal ally Bumblebee?

Transformers 5: a.k.a The Last Knight

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video "TRANSFORMERS 5: The Last Knight Trailer" taken from the KinoCheck International YouTube Channel

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video “TRANSFORMERS 5: The Last Knight Trailer” taken from the KinoCheck International YouTube Channel

The ending of the fourth Transformers movie, Age of Extinction, was Optimus Prime leaving planet Earth to find who the creators of the Transformers were. Before leaving, he told the remaining Autobots to watch over Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and his family.

In The Last Knight, it seems like the interaction between humans and Transformers go a long way back, as indicated by the historical scenes. After the brief back-in-time scenarios (coupled with Anthony Hopkins’ narration), the trailer shows a present-day city in ruins, Cade Yeager being “arrested,” and a new female lead who is good friends with a yellow Transformer, reminiscent of Sam Witwicky and Bumblebee’s friendship in the first three movies.

In addition to that, viewers can see Optimus Prime frozen and covered in a strange grey matter while floating around in space. What happened to the leader of the Autobots and his mission?

Another curiosity that can be seen in the trailer is this gigantic planet that resembles Cybertron about to crash, or destroy, the moon. Some theories suggest that the planet is not Cybertron but Unicron, the biggest and worst villain in the Transformers franchise. Fans will have to wait for the movie itself to confirm that.

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The biggest question of them all…

The biggest element that baffled the viewers is the part when Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are battling it out. In the trailer, fans have pointed out that Prime’s eyes were purple, instead of his usual blue. Some suggested that Prime may be under the influence of something evil that he met along the way in space. It is not known what Prime had encountered during his journey, and it may be revealed in Transformers 5.

Transformers 5 will premiere in the United States on June 23, 2017.

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