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Toy Story 4: Pixar Explains Reason Behind Movie’s Release Date Delay

Toy Story 4 is a much awaited sequel to the iconic movie franchise/series. The Toy Story Series goes down as one of the all-time favorites for many movie lovers. However, Pixar seems to be focusing on another popular sequel right now.

Pixar is focusing on one of its other sequels namely Incredibles 2. In their film schedule, Toy Story 4 is given a later date while Incredibles 2 has been moved up. Moving around release dates is a territory that no studio wants to venture in.

Is Toy Story 4 Development In Trouble?

Upon seeing the release date being shifted by a year, fans began to worry about the development of the movie. However, Pixar’s Andrew Stanton seems to clear the air and gave a very logical explanation on the delay in bringing Toy Story 4. It is not a surprise to know that Pixar has a full schedule most of the times.

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Andrew Stanton explains that the studio usually works on five to six movies at a time. Cinema Blend reports Stanton as saying. “We’ve learned over time to make them like magnets, because what we want to be respectful for is whether the stories are ready or not.”

He adds, “So we end up, for economic reasons, we end up having to announce sometimes when a film might be released, but then we go, ‘Wait a minute, we want more time on the story to really nail it.’ So if we find that another film on the stove is going well, and we can move it up, then we do a swap, so there’s no more drama than we just want to get the stories just right.”

So, the movie is happening and may be the delay could mean only making the upcoming sequel way better!

Toy Story 4 Plot, Crew and Release Date

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Toy Story 4 will see brainchild of the series John Lasseter return as the director. After directing the first two films of the Toy Story franchise, he took a break. The film project boasts of the best in Pixar coming together: John Lasseter, Inside Out director Pete Docter, WALL-E director Andrew Stanton, and Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich.

This powerful team of four will be penning the story together. The release date of Toy Story 4 is June 21, 2019. It is a long wait of another 2 years till Woody comes back with his crew on the movie screens!

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