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The Darkest Minds: YA Adaptation Casts Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore fans have a reason to troop to the bookstores and libraries now. The actress-singer just signed up to star in the film adaptation of the young adult novel The Darkest Minds. She will star alongside Amandla Stenberg.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson, the same one behind the camera of the Kung Fu Panda series, will direct the film. This will be the first time she’ll direct a film adaptation. It’s all girl power for The Darkest Minds, which was written by Alexandra Bracken.

The Darkest Minds Is Set In A Dystopian Future

According to reports, Moore will play the role of an altruistic doctor in the The Darkest Minds, which is set in a dystopian future. In that future, young people all dropped dead from a mysterious pandemic and others developed superpowers. Ruby Daly, Stenberg’s character, was one of those who got superpowers.

The Darkest MindsPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of The Ruby Daly

Teens like Daly are being carted off to internment camps. Moore’s character will aim to help these kids with special abilities who are being persecuted because of it. The kids apparently cannot control their superpowers.

In The Darkest Minds, the first in the Bracken trilogy, Ruby escaped from Thurmond, the brutal government rehabilitation camp. This was where the police took her after her parents turned her over to them. She’s now on the run with a group of teens like her with their leader, Liam.

Their only hope was to reach East River, the one safe haven left for the kids. But when they arrived there, nothing is at it seems, including the leader Ruby, hoped the leader in East River would be able to help them.

Then again, she also has to fight other forces wanting her services for their own good and protection. Some of these groups want to take Ruby to fight the same government she escaped from. Ruby now has to make a choice and make sacrifices beyond her imaginings.

The other two books in the trilogy are Never Fade and In The Afterlight.

Mandy Is Ready For The Heavy Role

Her role in The Darkest Minds will obviously be a heavy one for the singer-turned-actress. But Moore’s fans know too well she can handle it. Her portrayal in A Walk To Remember and the NBC drama This Is Us has proved her capacity to handle emotional scenes.

Speaking of This Is Us, the series has been picked up for another two seasons on NBC. This means we’ll see more of Moore in the coming years. Aside from The Darkest Minds, she’s also reprising her role in Tangled for Tangled: The Series.

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