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Sundance 2017 Offers Monumental Movies From All Walks of Life

Sundance 2017 was nothing shy of its old self. Movies cut across the genre lines were in plethora, brilliant – most of them.

The idea behind Sundance Film Festival was a groundbreaking one in itself. Independent film makers are provided a platform to showcase their masterpieces, subsequently earning them a wide release. Over the recent years, the film festival saw a vast number of potential investors. Sundance 2017 was no exception too. Impressive movies from all walk of life featured at the festival. Here are a few notable ones.

Sundance 2017: Notable Few

A Ghost Story by David Lowery was an apparent favorite among the festival goers. Starring the likes of Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, the eerie drama is poignant, yet alluring. Its subtlety and anomaly makes it a standout movie, reports Vox. Furthermore, Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name is an adventure meets passion story in an ever changing world. Critics took a special liking to this movie, reportedly.

Kogonada’s Columbus is an interracial drama from the mundanities, but with a powerful emotional resonance. In other words, Columbus is life in all its simplicity. Ingrid Goes West brings a good aberration to the movie realm addressing the social-media pitfalls. Also, it stars Elizabeth Olsen who plays a social-media animal confronting a wanna-be.

Another drama that deserves a mention is perhaps Robespierre’s Landline – a feel good movie that anyone could use at any point. Mudbound by Dee Rees primarily seems like another racism-trope flick, but the portrayal here is flawless indeed. Post World War afflictions from a minority’s perspective seen like never before, to say the least.

Sundance 2017: More Mentions

Geremy Jasper’s Patti Cake$ is a coming-of-age drama with a tinge of comedy, by and large, a pursuit of dreams. Director Jonathan Olshefski brings an experimental documentary-esque film, Quest, shot over the course of a decade. Besides, the events are so realistic that it can put any fiction to shame. A self-discovery story, Strong Island, by Yance Ford had overwhelming responses from the audience.

Keanu Reeves starrer To the Bone is a pro-life movie showing the actor as an unorthodox doctor providing the ray of hope to an anorexic Lily Collins’ character. Powerful acting, slow delivery and profound message are the highlights. Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River, on the other hand, explores the nuances of America’s problems through a murder investigation. Kudos to the film festival, needless to say.

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