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Sundance 2017: Movies Make a Case on What Happens in Afterlife

Sundance 2017 accommodates an opportunity for freethinkers to give life to their figment of imagination. Even to tread on an outrageous path like afterlife.

Sensitive themes are often overlooked by the top studios, for they usually earn criticism more than money. Correspondingly, that defeats the primary motive. Sundance 2017, however, had a couple of movies that were successful in exploring the paradox of afterlife. More so, throwing a hypothesis of what it can look like – in a scandalously quaint way.

Sundance 2017: Afterlife

Two movies – The Discovery and A Ghost Story, have more in common than just Rooney Mara. Mind you, she’s great in both, but the similarity delves in the enigma that is afterlife. Rather, the movies have apparitions of the future self, a cold truth and a provocative narration. Not to mention, the likes of Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara doing what they do best.

The Discovery, for starters, is a glum looking sci-fi that gets bloody intricate, reports Vox. A futuristic set-up and an outrageous discovery of the existence of afterlife necessitates a dystopian premise to the movie. Furthermore, the events pave way for a bizarre practice of mass murder to achieve afterlife. Important to catch the idea of longing here – something that’s deep in our societies.

Besides, chaos is soaring and existential crisis takes a stronghold. It’s a thin line between life and afterlife, lead characters are pondering about it, yet the hindrance aplenty. In all honesty, The Discovery questions our fixations and ridicules the reality in a fanciful manner. Likewise, A Ghost Story delves on the afterlife too, but in a downright poignant style.

Sundance 2017: A Ghost Story

David Lowery reunites with his Ain’t Them Bodies Saints actors, Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, for an avant-garde movie. A Ghost Story is nothing like The Discovery, yet it’s so similar. Conspicuously intimate couple face a drastic turn of events resulting in the death of the man. Also, the events surrounding his death and the subsequent occurrences are strictly turbulent.

A Ghost Story associates afterlife as a proportional entity to one’s own life. Perhaps, one’s reflection of life echoes in the afterlife. The love, remorse and the struggles form the embodiment of a person’s afterlife in the movie. Impeccable performances from the actors and vivid cinematography makes the movie noteworthy.

In the wake of overwhelming audience response, both the movies will see a wide release soon. When that happens, be ready to fixate on the afterlife – for it can be anything.

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