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Star Wars TV Series: Live Action Possible, ABC Confirms

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” – the saga continues. This time in the small screen, however. Star Wars TV series, courtesy of ABC?

American Broadcasting Company [ABC] first made the Star Wars TV series reference back in August. Case in point, the network’s executive Channing Dungey appeared to throw the straw in the wind. After some deliberation, it appears the network is keeping the prospects open for the future. No materialization in the foreseeable future, at least.

Star Wars TV Series: Prospects and Potential

Some regard Star Wars as one of the best things since sliced bread. Call it audacious if you may, but people from the 70’s beg to differ. The space opera came in the times when such films were far-fetched, indeed. George Lucas and Lucasfilm set some exemplary standards in the big-screen entertainment, one could argue.

ABC President Ben Sherwood had put the rumors to rest, in the wake of Channing’s contemplation of Star Wars TV series. Ben hopes that there is lot more to come from Lucasfilms in the series. Channing Dungey spoke to Entertainment Weekly earlier and was rather optimistic about the prospects of such a series.

Firstly, she retrospects on her earlier statements and how that got ‘blown out of proportion’. However, she reveals that such a proposition was on the table and in consideration from time to time. Even if it comes to see the light of the day, it’s ‘far into the future’, she says. She adds that Lucas’ focus currently is on the movies and it will stay so for a while.

Star Wars: Legacy

For what it’s worth, Star Wars isn’t just any other film franchise. It’s more like a vision, like a symbol of innovation, chivalry and science – in all its glory. Four decades after its inception, it stands second-to-none in its influence and legacy. The franchise is still going strong with impending releases.

The sequel saga – VIII and IX are in the works with the release dates in 2017 and 2019 respectively. Also, the Han Solo and another anthology movie is in the making too. Looks like, the near-future has some exciting things in its repertoire for the Star Wars fans. About time before ABC steps up their Star Wars game too. One can only hope!

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