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Sex And The City 3: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall On Board With Possibility

Sex and the City 3 can easily take the title of being the most awaited movie sequel. Sarah Jessica Parker immortalized the character Carrie Bradshaw for everyone. The story of four friends going through life together resonated with a lot of people across the world.

The popularity of the first in the series led to the making of the sequel. Now, fans are demanding Sex and the City 3 and the good news is Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are on board. There have been rumors going on since last seven years about the third sequel coming up.

All We Know About Sex And The City 3

Sex and the City 3 has been the topic of discussion amongst fans and even co-stars of the movie. After a lackluster performance of SATC 2, many felt that it was over for the franchise. Chris Noth said back in 2010 that “it’s over”, he blamed the media was killing the franchise.

However time and again stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis have been dropping hints about the movie being resurrected. Another star Kim Cattrall is not sure about bringing the movie back. She says, “The hardest thing is, what would the story be? It’s been seven, eight years since we wrapped the last movie. Can we get everybody together? We’re all sort of scattered now.”

Kim Cattrall has got a point when she says, “Are we still relevant? That would be the reason to come back.” One of the criticisms that SATC 2 faced was that it did not build up on the stories of the four ladies. It looked superficial and less endearing. Also, the absence of New York for most of the movie didn’t ring well with the fans.

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Posted by Sex and the City on Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker Raises Hope

Sarah Jessica Parker said recently that the idea of Sex and the City 3 cannot be shelved completely. She left everyone guessing when she said, “It’s in a warming drawer. It’s never been a ‘no’ … it’s always been an if and when”, reports People. Kristin Davis is on the same plane with Parker. She says that there is always a story to tell about the four women. However, she is happy that the pressure is not on her to take the decision. Davis has left the decision to Sarah Jessica and Michael Patrick King.

Sex and the City began as an American comedy series by following the lives of a group of four women and their strong friendship for each other.

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