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Ryan Reynolds Announces New Deadpool 2 Cast Member

The latest Deadpool 2 news reveals Ryan Reynolds’ new co-star. Zazie Beetz will take on the role of Domino in the sequel. Reynolds welcomed Beetz by posting a “hilarious graphic.”

Deadpool 2 Has A New Cast Member

Ryan Reynolds intrigued his followers when he initially posted an image of a set of dominoes that looked digitally altered to spell the name of his new co-star, Zazie Beetz. Movie Web reported that the actor captioned his photo that reads: Domino Effect.

An hour later, the actor officially puts Beetz’s photo on a mock comic book cover where the actress is smiling while firing and balancing herself at Deadpool’s back. The caption on the actor’s photo reads: “Zazie Beetz Effect.”

The source noted that Beetz’s casting comes “slightly out of the field.” This is because Beetz’s name is not included on the list of actresses that tested for the role in October. According to the outlet, Sienna Miller, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kerry Washington and Janelle Monae passed the screening. Moreover, the source noted that Hidden Figures’ Monae was actually the front-runner for the role.

Who Is Domino?

On the other hand, E! News gave a brief description of what can moviegoers expect from this new Deadpool character. The latter report noted that in Marvel’s comic book mythology, Domino is a “mercenary who tends to work with the good guys.”

Moreover, the outlet noted that this character is also a survivor of a government program to create the ultimate soldier. According to the source, creating “good luck” for herself and the people around her is one of her special gifts.

Though there is no further information on why Beetz was chosen for the role, the initial report had a copy of Domino’s character description. The source noted that the Marvel character is “a no-nonsense badass who rarely shows her feeling. Highly capable, supremely confident and armored in… well ARMOR… and bullet-proof sarcasm.”

However, that is just what Domino wants to portray. Beneath her sarcasm, this Marvel hero is soft and vulnerable. The outlet notes that casting calls for Domino had a break because Deadpool’s director Tim Miller left the sequel.

Recently, Deadpool 2 is now joined by David Leitch as its new director. This is probably the reason why the studio resumed the casting calls, the outlet notes. The Deadpool movie’s theatrical release was in 2016. It is the eighth installment in the X-Men film series. After the movie’s success last year, grossing over $873 million worldwide, Fox decided to order the film’s sequel. Deadpool 2 is likely to be released in 2018.

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