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Ruthless: Female ‘John Wick’ Movie In The Works

Ruthless, a script about a female John Wick version, is gaining a lot of attention in Hollywood. Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment has reportedly picked up the John Swetnam script. Will this movie conquer great heights like what John Wick: Chapter 2 did?

Action-packed thriller movies are slowly making its comeback to the big screen. One of the latest proof to this is John Wick: Chapter 2’s theatrical release. The Keanu Reeves movie was a box-office success, according to Flickering Myth.

Ruthless Script Interests Steven Spielberg

Because of this, the outlet notes that Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment took interest to another assassin kind of storyline. The source notes that Spielberg’s company is reportedly picking up John Swetnam’s script titled Ruthless.

Den of Geek reports that the Ruthless movie will have a female lead. Moreover, the movie will be quite similar to Keanu Reeve’s John Wick movie. However, the source notes that there is no connection between Ruthless and the John Wick franchise.

The publication reports that the film will tell the story of a retired assassin. She returns to the game of killing people and does this last job to provide for her kid. Since she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she may not have a chance to provide a decent future for her daughter.

More Ruthless News Update

The latter report further notes that “several A-list actresses” have reportedly read the script and are very interested to land the lead role. Though having a female lead in a heavily testosteroned movie is nothing new, the ability to work on a reasonable budget is what makes the Swetnam script interesting.

The outlet notes that Reeves’ John Wick: Chapter 2 only had a $40 million budget. It has already earned $44.5 million worldwide which means, they were already able to “recoup” their budget in just a few days from its release.

On another note, the aforementioned source reports that Brad Peyton, who directed the 2015 disaster film San Andreas, will reportedly direct the said movie. Moreover, apart from being the movie’s director, the outlet notes that he will also co-produce Ruthless with Jeff Fierson through their production company, ASAP Entertainment.

For the time being, information about the movie and its current production status is scarce. Stay tune for more updates heading your way about the film and its cast members. Who do you think will fit the lead role of the movie, Ruthless? Share your thoughts with us!

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