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Princess Diaries 3: Anne Hathaway And Julie Andrews So Ready For Threequel

The latest Princess Diaries 3 news reveals that lead stars Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews are keen to push the threequel forward. The desire to do this project is not only for their supporters who have been anticipating it but to also pay homage to their director, Garry Marshall.

Princess Diaries 3 Confirmed!

Fancy seeing Princess Mia Thermopolis and Queen Dowager again? Cosmopolitan reports that Julie Andrews, who took on the role of Genovia’s Queen Dowager, revealed that the production for Princess Diaries 3 may start soon.

The actress said that there have been talks about the movie’s third installment. “[Anne Hathaway]’s very keen to do it. I would very willingly and happily do it,” said The Sound of Music star.

Buzzfeed reports that Princess Diaries director Garry Marshall and lead star Anne Hathaway were discussing the movie’s threequel. In fact, Marshall told People Magazine that the probable location for the upcoming movie will be in Manhattan.

The pre-production did not materialize just yet because The Devil Wears Prada star was pregnant with her first child. The outlet noted that Marshall, Hathaway, and Andrews even had a Skype meeting to further discuss the possibility of Princess Diaries 3.

Princess Diaries 3 To Pay Homage To Garry Marshall

Unfortunately, in July 2016, the source noted that the 81-year-old Marshall died of complications from pneumonia. Because of Marshall’s death, Princess Diaries supporters assumed that the idea of the movie’s third installment will not materialize.

In Andrews’ interview with the outlet, she revealed that Hathaway already had an idea in mind that she wanted to pursue the movie. The Tooth Fairy star also added that they want to do the film to honor their late director and his work.

With this news, Mia Thermopolis’ fans are probably getting all too excited about the movie. Though the movie is pushing through, Andrews cautioned moviegoers to curb their excitement. According to the actress, she is not aware of the movie’s latest status. The source noted that as per Hathaway’s rep, it is still “way too premature” to discuss the project at this stage.

Walt Disney released the first Princess Diaries movie in 2001. The movie grossed $165.3 million worldwide. After three years, the sequel was released. Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement grossed $122 million worldwide.

The movie’s story revolves around teenager Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway), modern day princess who did not have a clue that she was one. Everything about her life changed when her grandmother, Queen Dowager (Andrews) showed up in their San Francisco firehouse home. What can you suggest as a storyline for Princess Diaries 3? Share your thoughts with us!

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