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Pokemon Movie 2017, I Choose You! Plot Revealed!

Great news for all Pokemon original series fans! Another Pokemon movie will hit the theaters next year according to AnimeNewsNetwork. The Good Morning Star variety show announced on Thursday that Pokemon movie 2017 is entitled Pokemon, I Choose You!

The show revealed a poster and a short video teaser with Ash, Pikachu, and Ho-Oh. Aside from the superb background and animation details, one thing that’s interesting about the teaser is that Ash wears his original outfit from the first season of the anime.

Pokemon Movie 2017 A Prequel To How It All Started?

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The poster of the upcoming movie features Ash and Pikachu looking up at Ho-Oh, the Johto Legendary Pokemon, flying on what seems to be the Alola Region. Ash and Pikachu in the very first episode of the anime series traveled in Alola Region where they saw Ho-Oh. Furthermore, the title of the film Pokemon, I Choose You! was also the episode’s title.

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This could mean the movie reboots the anime in a much more detailed storytelling. At the end of the first episode, Ash and Pikachu woke up to an unknown Pokemon flying towards a rainbow. Ho-Oh lived in the Tin Tower but a war broke out which destroyed Ho-Oh’s home.

While the anime never really gave any focus on Ho-Oh, and the legendary Pokemon only appeared on minor scenes, the upcoming movie seems to hint that it will play a major role in the plot. The movie could also be an alternate dimension where Ash and Pikachu get close encounter with Ho-Oh.

Ash and Pikachu Need Ho-Oh’s Mythical Powers?

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According to Bulbapedia, Ho-Oh possesses mythical powers which could resurrect the dead. It also flies around to search for Trainer with a pure heart, which on no doubt, Ash has. This interesting legendary Pokemon shrouded with mystery promises an enjoyable addition to the Pokemon franchise.

The Pokemon movie 2017 Pokemon, I Choose You! celebrates the 20th anniversary of the franchise. It is no surprise if the movie turns out to be a reboot of the anime series or an alternate beginning of the Pokemon saga. What do you think about the first bits of information about the upcoming movie? Let us know by commenting below.

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