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Passengers Cast Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Should Be Shipped For Their Crazy Friendship!

Passengers cast Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are two of the most likable stars who have been making headlines more because of their close and crazy friendship than the upcoming flick. The movie actually brought them closer together and both of them have been sharing about their crazy antics when not filming.

In fact, their off-screen friendship has caught the attention of many fans, after stories like cropping photos, ideas of robbing a liquor store, and many more surfaced online.

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Passengers cast throw really terrible insults at each other

Hilarious is an understatement when both Lawrence and Pratt would grace press events and tours for their romantic sci-fi flick Passengers. Entertainment Weekly recently rounded up the best Passengers co-stars’ moments that included an exchange of playground insults, shamelessly posting “bad” selfies, and even poked fun at each other just likes siblings would.

The same source even shared a clip of the Passengers cast calling each other really bad names. It was so bad that the publication even likened it to two five-year-old kids poking fun at each other. Why 5? Well, simply because it was okay to hear really “terrible insults” at that age. The insults were so bad they ended up being really funny.

For instance, Lawrence told Pratt how someone would totally tell him “I really loved you in Everwood…. said no one ever!” to which Pratt quipped with, “How does it feel being in the stupidest Marvel movie?”

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Passengers cast from co-stars to almost convicted felons?

In more crazy news, E! News also reported just how close the two crazy stars can actually be. In the interview, they both gave the most candid confessions together with co-star Michael Sheen. There was a game set up by the E! crew that asked the stars the weirdest questions.

In one of the questions, Sheen was asked about robbing a liquor store and who he’d take with him to do the nasty offense. Sheen said he would need someone “fearless, spontaneous, and a fast runner. I’m  going to go with Jen Lawrence.” Pratt was quick to agree with him, saying how he’d pick Jen with Sheen as “the diversion.”

Of course, Lawrence was not surprised with the boys’ answers and even said, “I’m happy I give off that vibe. Meanwhile, I’d choose Chris Pratt because he is sneaky and conniving.” This then sent the trio to a bursting with laughter. Who knew J. Law’s Mystique skills could actually come in handy?

With all this said, could Jennifer Lawrence and Chriss Pratt’s closeness be this year’s ultimate friendship goals?

Don’t miss out on Passengers. The film hits theaters on Dec. 21.

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