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Road To Oscars 2017: From Halle Berry To Viola Davis, A Millennial’s Contemplation

Supposedly, a new dawn is breaking with the Oscars 2017. Through racism and xenophobia, it stands strong – Hollywood’s top awards to honor motion picture.

Any avid fan of Oscars will testify to the profound feeling from 2002’s Halle Berry speech. I come as no exception. Upon winning the best actress Academy award, “this moment is so much bigger than me”, she said. Besides, Halle Berry had just become the first woman of color to win the Best Actress award. “I have opened a door tonight” – she said – in contemplation of paving way for her kind. Unfortunately for Halle, as I observe, she didn’t open the door far too wide. No woman of color won it since. Subject to change this Oscars 2017, however.

Road To Oscars 2017

Let’s just say I was forbidden to watch Halle’s Oscar-winning movie, Monster’s Ball, thanks to the raunchy scenes. But boy, did she come good a year later! As Adrien Brody came on stage to pick his best actor award, he went on to smooch Halle – something she later termed “very wet.” I mean, The Pianist was a great movie or the best even, but the smooch stole the show. Besides, I was thinking ‘who wouldn’t want to kiss Halle Berry, anyway?’

Come 2009, an air of poignancy shrouded the Oscars ceremony. The untimely passing of Heath Ledger who epitomized Joker with a diabolical interpretation blend with an alluring panache. Also, the tear-jerking moment when Heath’s family members came to pick the award was far too overwhelming. An avid comic fan myself, withholding tears thinking ‘the Joker wouldn’t like it.’

Remember the moment Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscars in 2013? On her way to stage, she had a face-plant moment, yet she was overtly candid. Not to mention, wolverine came to her rescue! Jennifer made a brusque acceptance speech, but commanded a lot of respect through the process. Perhaps, this was the last time Oscars was mellow with criticism. Since 2014, ‘#OscarsSoWhite’ is the elephant in the room.

Recent Times

Ellen DeGeneres, for her part, is a talk show host rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of Hollywood. In 2014’s ceremony, she set new standards to celebrity selfies. In a drastic turn of events, she brought the likes of Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, Kevin Spacey, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence in the same frame! Needless to say, the photo has myriads of re-tweets and her subsequent Twitter post blew out of proportions.

Coming to 2016’s Oscars, Chris Rock stood against all the odds and ensured a smooth ceremony. Amid the racial discrimination allegations on The Academy, there were some intense moments. Leonardo DiCaprio finally took home an Oscar after a whopping six nominations. Moreover, he took the moment to raise awareness on climate change.

The nominations alone make for a satisfying read this Oscars 2017. By and large, every major category has an actor of color. Considering any of the frontrunners – Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis and Denzel Washington – win something, perhaps, the door is finally wide open? What a time to be alive!

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