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Oscars 2017: Is La La Land Rigged To Win Best Picture

La La Land epitomizes Oscars success and deserves it all the same. Better yet, the selection process has a hand in it. Oscars 2017 is all theirs!

No movie in the recent times saw a whopping 14 Oscar nominations, tying with the likes of Titanic itself. The success is attributed to the aberrant portrayal of Hollywood cutting both ways – good and bad. It’s almost the best picture in the last decade, one could argue. The way things stand, La La Land is poised to win the best picture of Oscars 2017. In the movie’s defense, no movie deserves it more than La La Land does, this year. On a side note, the selection algorithm of The Academy aids in the process.

Oscars 2017: La La Land

Damien Chazelle is on a streak of making profound movies – 2015’s Whiplash and now, La La Land. Damien’s penchant towards Jazz is apparent from both the movies, of course. His attention to the nuances and the delivery is doing wonders for him. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did a great job, not to mention. Bookmakers have their money on this movie bagging the best picture. Do all the voters favor it? May be not, but hey, that doesn’t count! Here’s why.

The Academy brought some changes to the selection process in 2010. Until then, any movie getting the maximum number of votes from over 6000 voters could go home a winner. Be in the good books of a group of voters and your movie stands a good chance. Irrespective of the broad appeal, all it took was a good few biased voters to decide a winner. However, there are more factors in play now.

Under the present selection scheme, one movie has to get a certain majority votes. If no movie succeeds to amass such a majority, the last movie in that round gets eliminated and its supporters get to choose from the remains. The procedure follows until a movie gets a majority. The catch here is that a movie doesn’t have to appeal to everyone to win the award. That brings us to the reason why La La Land has an easy go.

The Favorites

Five Thirty Eight weighs in on La La Land‘s chances in Oscars 2017 and gives a definitive verdict. La La Land has won most of the other awards it was nominated for – Critic’s and Golden Globes among others. Moonlight is not far behind, but its appeal is limited. Unlike Hidden Figures, Moonlight didn’t fare well at the box office.

Hidden Figures, on the other hand, might not survive the process-oriented selection. Emma Stone stands a good chance of winning the best actress too. As far as the best actor category goes, Casey Affleck and Denzel Washington stand equal chances. One thing for certain, La La Land is contemplating a field day on Feb. 26.

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