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One Piece Gold: Where Can You Watch The Exclusive US Screening?

Are you ready for One Piece Gold? Fandango is now listing theaters that will show the US screening of the much-awaited anime film. Just enter your zip code and it will show where you can get your reservation ticket in your nearest theater. Pretty neat, huh?

Another alternate way to see if your local theater will have a screening is by visiting Fandango doesn’t necessarily list all theaters in North America. Although the podcast list will be updated soon as the date comes closer.

One Piece Gold Premieres on January 10!

IGN recently released the promotional video of the movie in English dub. Funimation will release the anime movie in US and Canada theaters on January 10-17. Funimation only has the English dub version and didn’t mention anything about English subtitles nor the original Japanese dub.

One Piece Gold

Photo Credit: MyAnimeList/One Piece Gold

Highly-anticipated film – a hit in China!

One Piece Gold movie was released in Japan on July 23 and by September 8, the film earned $48.8 million. The film hit it big in China when it earned $10.1 million in its first three days. This is reportedly the highest box office earning a Japanese film got from China.

One Piece Gold: Disaster for the Straw Hats and the New World?

It looks like the Straw Hat pirates are in it for a new disaster! Luffy and his comrades set sail for the gold in Gran Tesoro, a city of entertainment which not even the government could control. What they don’t know is that the city’s king has deeper ambitions and it’s up to the Straw Hats to save the day.

New costume designs for the Straw Hats!

Entertainment and casino tell you one thing: there’s gonna be lots of bling in this movie! The animation looks slick and smooth from the teaser trailer with the Straw Hats sporting their best white-themed costumes and limousine. The new characters also look “badass.”

Everything about One Piece Gold screams high budget. The US audience should really get their hands on pre-order tickets because it will surely get sold out in just a few days.

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