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No Steamy or Torrid Scenes In Kathniel New Movie

The Kathniel new movie will feature a more mature Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. However, mature roles do not mean torrid and steamy kissing scenes for the two. Read on to know more about their latest offering, Can’t Help Falling In Love.

Kathniel New Movie More Mature

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, collectively known as Kathniel returns to the big screen with a more mature movie. reports that Padilla thinks it is still “too early” for their love team to have torrid kissing scenes or steamy sex scenes.

Director Mae Cruz-Alviar agrees with the 21-year-old Padilla and said, “The maturity of an actor is not reflected in his ability to show more skin.” Cruz-Alviar continued and said that in the movie, Padilla and Bernardo’s characters portray “young people handling adult problems.”

With regard to Kathniel as actors, their director only has high praises for them. Cruz-Alviar also observed that the two actors are now “more professional and less playful” when they are on the set. “They are growing up in front of our eyes,” said the director.

The source notes that the Kathniel new movie titled Can’t Help Falling In Love is about Gab dela Cuesta (Bernardo) and Dos Gonzales (Padilla). Gab, engaged to her long-time boyfriend, finds out that according to legal records, she already has a husband.

Can’t Help Falling In Love Synopsis

ABS-CBN News reports that in the movie’s trailer, Gab informs Dos that they are married. She tells him that she wants to file for divorce. Unfortunately, Padilla’s character does not give it out easily. Moreover, he tells her that he wants to try out the married life.

In Can’t Help Falling In Love’s newly released trailer, the so-called couple will try out cave exploring, cliff diving and hiking as a part of their honeymoon. Will they find themselves falling in love after?

Kathniel fans saw the couple last in their movie, Barcelona: A Love Untold released on September 14, 2016. The film earned Php 23 million on the first day of its theatrical release. The total gross of the movie is Php 321 million including the screenings outside of the Philippines.

The initial report notes that since their Barcelona was a top grosser, Kathniel feels the pressure that their upcoming movie has to match Barcelona’s box-office success. Bernardo said that more than the movie’s total earnings, they want their fans and moviegoers to touch the lives of people who are in a similar situation as Gab and Dos are.

Can’t Help Falling In Love theatrical release is on April 15. What can you say about the Kathniel new movie? Share your thoughts with us!

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