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The Next James Bond: Weighing In On The Top Prospects

Bonds come and go, but as long as they are here, they carry a legacy. A legacy that goes way back in time. Who is the next James Bond?

The debate on who is the best Bond ever can divide people in opinion. Even after days of deliberation, it’s hard to arrive at a single name. They all had their style and take on the charismatic fictional character, of course. Sean Connery, for his part, is seemingly the most favorable one in several poll. Daniel Craig, on the other hand, comes the closest to give Sean a run for his money. The matter in question now is perhaps the next James Bond and here are the prospects!

The Next James Bond

Esquire lists down the potential candidates for the job that is profound in significance. Idris Elba’s name pops up, but the chances are slim. The actor himself put the rumors to rest during an event stating that if there were any chances as such, they are long gone. His association with the role was shrouded in controversy, thanks to the white-washing! Over the recent years, it’s safe to say that people might actually fancy a Black actor for Bond. For Christ’s sake, we are in 2017 already!

Any fan of Homeland or the Band of Brothers will testify to Damian Lewis’ acting prowess. Not only is he a genius of an actor, but also has the suave and the looks to pull-off a bloody good Bond. Also, yeah, he’s English! Speaking of English, Tom Hiddleston could make one hell-of-a Bond. Considering his career is not really taking off or plummeting, James Bond is a safe bet for the 35-year-old actor.

Heading towards the names that have frequently gone hand in hand with the next James Bond, Henry Cavill is the first of its kind. A British actor with all the attributes and a penchant towards the role fits the bill perfectly. Besides, he is in the swim of things. Tom Hardy is another name, it materializes, can redefine the standards of James Bond. However, such a proposition is audacious on the grounds that he’s already larger than what James Bond can bring him.

Daniel Craig’s Reprise

Daniel Craig was reportedly in line for a hefty paycheck in order to reprise his role for more movies. The dynamic actor has seen through his contract of the number of movies he signed-up for. Sony is having a hard time to fill someone in his boots, which explains an audacious 150 million dollars proposal to play twice more. No further developments from that end off late.

The franchise has another option to pick up a less mainstream actor and build the brand again. In that vein, actors like Aidan Turner, Ben Barnes and Richard Madden fit the bill well. At the same time, all the above actors have a good amount of exposure playing tenacious roles. If Daniel Craig decides to stick around for more movies, that by default becomes the best case scenario. In case he doesn’t, any of the aforementioned actors are the obvious replacements. The saga goes on.

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