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New Power Rangers 2017 Clip Brings Alpha To Life

If you’re a millennial in your twenty-somethings, chances are, you’re familiar with Saban’s original Power Rangers. For some, they were peers with other superheroes, jockeying for space on your toy shelves with Superman and Spider-Man. Perhaps, that’s why excitement for the Power Rangers 2017 reboot film is high.

Despite the not-so-stellar track record of recent Hollywood remakes (Fant4stic, anyone?), those grown up kids just want the pure fun and joy of seeing these colorful rangers back on screen. And a new clip just released is giving fans more to chew on as they await the film’s release.

Remember Alpha-5, the panicky robot assistant of Zordon? He’s here, and he’s got upgrades.

You’re Real!

The clip begins with the five soon-to-be Rangers examining a spacecraft they’d found in the cave. Billy (RJ Cyler) comments on how it must be ancient, given the observation that rocks had already grown around the ship. Jason (Dacre Montgomery) then points out the colored stone he had found earlier glowing oddly. It then seems to cause the ship’s doors to open – clearly signifying that the stone is the new version of the Rangers’ Power Coin.

They ascend the ship’s stairs and the five find themselves in a huge domelike room. But then they hear noise coming from the spaces above, and the panels on the walls begin to shift. In a panic, they try to hide in various spaces in the walls – but something grabs Trini (Becky G) by the legs and pulls her out of her hiding spot. Billy (Ludi Lin), Kimberly (Naomi Scott) and the others can only watch as she shrieks in panic.

But then she finally comes face-to-face with a short, disc-headed robot – our Alpha-5, who had apparently grabbed Trini with an extendable arm (we’re quite sure he didn’t have that feature in the original). Alpha gazes at her, and happily exclaims, “You’re real!”, blinking his big, cartoonish eyes. Seems like he’d been expecting them, somehow.

A Power Cast

Just in case you find Alpha’s voice a little familiar: that’s Bill Hader, whose recent credits include Inside Out and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. He’s also been a longtime performer and writer for Saturday Night Live.

Joining him is none other than Bryan Cranston as the wise Zordon, the Power Ranger’s mentor. Cranston is best known for his Emmy Award-winning portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Elizabeth Banks – who has picked u a few Creative Arts Primetime Emmy nominations herself – joins onscreen as the villainous witch Rita Repulsa. She is a former Ranger in this one, making sure her backstory makes her rivalry with the Power Rangers a little more personal.

After the successes of their Twilight and Hunger Games series, Lionsgate looks hungry to kick off another potential franchise. And if the cast is any indication, they’re pulling out all the stops.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 27, 2017.

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