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Mulan Live Action Movie: More Muscular Hence No Singing; Fans Not Happy

Fans are outraged that the upcoming Mulan live action movie will not have any songs. Director Niki Caro reveals that her kids were horrified with the news. Moreover, Disney wants the film to be “more muscular and stronger.”

Mulan Live Action Movie To Be More Muscular

Will we still recognize the Mulan movie when it gets its theatrical release in 2018? Fans were initially ecstatic that the 1998 Mulan movie is heading towards live action. The news got fanatics excited. Well, Mulan fans don’t get your hopes too high.

Refinery29 reports that Disney wants the movie to be “a little more muscular, stronger and with a touch of Ridley Scott.” Moreover, Caro described that the film’s plot is going to focus on it being “a big, girly martial arts epic.” While the movie will turn into an action flick about woman empowerment, viewers still expect the 1998 movie’s popular songs, Reflection and I’ll Make A Man Out of You, to be part of the live action film.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Mulan’s director confirmed that there will be no songs right now. Caro said that the recent news devastated her children too.

Disney’s Mulan Movie: No Songs?

The initial report notes that this latest development about the animated action-comedy-drama film did not sit well with the fans. The source notes that Mulan fanatics can’t help but take their frustration online.

One Twitter user, @celestiallmj tweeted: “it won’t have songs, it won’t have Li Shang and in the end, it won’t have an audience either.” Another Twitter user, @VintageDreamer1, commented that without the songs, the movie is “not worth seeing.”

Apart from the movie supporter’s reactions, Twitter users also posted memes and GIFs to show their disappointment online. The outlet opines that since the movie is just in its pre-production stage, there is still a possibility for the movie to include a few of the 1998 soundtrack to the film.

Meanwhile, Mulan’s main plot will still be the same. The story will revolve around a young woman who joins the army in place of her aging father. She takes her father’s armor and disguises herself as a man to represent their family.

Mulan’s theatrical release is on Nov. 2, 2018. Apart from Caro, Bill Kong joins the Mulan production team as an executive producer. There is still no further information on who will play the role of Mulan in the movie. Do you agree that the Mulan live action movie should not include Reflection and I’ll Make A Man Out of You? Share your thoughts with us!

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