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Minecraft: The Movie Release Date Canceled? Mojang Film Development Too Expensive?

In the Minecraft world, the sky is blue, the grass is green but zombies and cows respawn inside the house you build. So fans wonder if it will be the same in the upcoming Minecraft: The Movie release date!

Who among the many Minecraft characters will be in the film? Also, will famous comedian Steve Carrell star in the upcoming Minecraft movie? Which character will he play?


Speculations are that Minecraft: The Movie release date may adapt the Minecraft: Story Mode. The MC Story Mode is like a “playable television show.” Based on the Minecraft game, the player is the leading character in the show and the player’s actions and choices will decide how the story will run.

Minecraft the Movie release date

Screen Cap from Minecraft website

There is no confirmation yet if the film will be from the game’s Story Mode. But speculations are high that Rob McElhenniey’s Minecraft: the Movie script will be an original. Rob McElhenniey will be directing and also writing the film adaptation from this popular video game.

McElhenniey from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia also co-wrote the final draft of the Wonder Woman film. Warner Bros. acquired the license of Minecraft on February from its Swedish developer Mojang AB. The film will be through Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment production company as Variety reported.


Minecraft is an adventure video game made with 3D building blocks created by Swedish Markus “Notch” Persson and developed and published by Mojang. Players can play either in Creative Mode for mine deep and unlimited resources, or in Survival Mode creating weapons, armors and shelters to drive away dangerous mobs. Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale Games is based on Mojang’s Minecraft.

Last February, Warner Bros. got the license for “Minecraft” from Swedish developer Mojang AB. Minecraft: The Movie will be produced by Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment, according to Variety.

In Minecraft: Story Mode, the player plays the character Jesse. Jesse and his friends are out to save the world as they “race against time, travel across the over-world, through the Nether, to The End, and beyond.” What’s interesting is that Jess is able to solve puzzles, collect items and talk to his non-player character friends. The actions and choices will have a significant impact on the story elements in future episodes.

The Story Mode has 11 episodes in all. And though previous Minecraft games were “more mature and emotional overtones including death,” Story Mode does not involve any of these even when the decisions are “still pivotal and emotional.”


Reports said that Steve Carell is in talks to join Warner Bros.’ Minecraft: The Movie cast. And if they use the Story Mode, is there a possibility that Carell will play Jesse? Fans wonder if the famous Enderman, Steve, Creeper and the zombie will have their appearances in the movie along with other characters.

There is no confirmation on a Minecraft: The Movie premiere cancellation. Reports on the web are all on Warner Bros.’ pushing through of the film adaptation of one of the most popular video games.

We still have to wait longer as the Minecraft: The Movie release date is on May 19, 2019. Excited to hear more news on Minecraft: The Movie update? Tune in only here at Tripped Media.

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