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Mean Girls 2: Lindsay Lohan Pushing For ‘Cult Film’ Sequel

Mean Girls hit the theatres in 2004 and instantly gained a cult status. Much to the amazement of fans, the lead actress Lindsay Lohan is vouching for Mean Girls 2. This development will bring cheer to all those who have been wanting to see a sequel to the movie.

It has been thirteen years since Mean Girls came out. Yes, you can go to a corner and cry about how old you are. Mean Girls 2 will see the story of high school drama come alive on screens. Well, nothing is official, except for the willingness of the cast to come back and make the sequel.

Mean Girls 2: Lindsay Lohan Raises Expectations

Lindsay Lohan brought cheer to many fans when she spoke about talking to the creators about Mean Girls 2. She told The View, “I went to SNL the other day and I was like harassing Lorne Michaels, I’m like we have to do.”

Lohan also said that she will write the script of the sequel if “Tina Fey’s too busy.” Not just Lohan, but co-host Sara Haines is also willing to help. The cast seems to be in place for the sequel. Wonder, where the makers are.

Lindsay is believing for the best and she says that the makers are “smart with timing” and that “it will come when the time’s right”, reports ET. After these statements, there is no doubt that Lohan is desperate to see the movie come alive on screens. She says Mean Girls is not just a great movie but ‘a cult movie’.

Adele’s Mean Girls Moment At Grammys 2017

The adulation towards Mean Girls could also be seen at the Grammys 2017. Adele took most of the awards this year. When she came to accept the Album of the Year award, she spoke more about Beyoncé than herself. She felt that as an artist, Queen B showed a very vulnerable side to her and spoke of how she adores her and the likes.

Soon after, though the incident was not televised, Adele breaks the trophy in half to dedicate it to the Lemonade singer. It is clear that Adele is not only a Beyoncé fan but also a Mean Girls fan.

Mean Girls follows the life of young Cady as she joins a new public school and becomes friends with Janis and Damian. Throw in the mix is the now iconic group of Plastics, led by the antagonist Regina.

Lohan is head strong about pushing this idea through. She says, “I know Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels and all of Paramount [Pictures] are very busy. But I will keep forcing it and pushing it on them until we do it.” She also said that she would love to see Jamie Lee Curtis and Jimmy Fallon in the movie.

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