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Matt Damon Defends Great Wall Role by Bashing Online News Sites

Matt Damon has finally answered whitewashing issues regarding his role in the upcoming movie, Great Wall. He said the role was never designed for an Asian actor. He also let off some steam by bashing online news sites.

Matt Damon defines whitewashing!

Matt Damon has spoken up and addressed the whitewashing controversy in his latest film. He said that he takes the issue very seriously. However, his role was never created with an Asian actor in mind.

Damon also explained how he understood whitewashing. He said it is taking a Caucasian actor and applying tons of makeup on him to make him look like he is from another race. He added that such was not the case in Great Wall.

The whitewashing controversy about the movie started when Constance Wu, lead actress of the series Fresh Off the Boat, took to Twitter and criticized the movie. She said that Hollywood should “stop perpetuating that only the white man can save the world.” She added that their heroes do not look, in any way, like Matt Damon.

Whitewashing has been quite rampant in Hollywood where roles originally meant for Asians eventually go to popular Caucasian stars. Some recent popular movies accused of whitewashing were Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in a Shell and Dr. Strange where the “Ancient One” was portrayed by Tilda Swinton.

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An axe to grind?

As Damon addressed the whitewashing controversy, he also took a swipe against online news websites. According to him, he wondered whether these “critical stories” that pop up in online news websites will exist if not for the advent of social media and fake news.

He said people click these outrageous headlines that, in turn, become news because they have been clicked a lot. However, as people realized that these outrageous headlines have really no substance to it, they stopped clicking it.

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Zhang Yimou has also spoken!

Zhang Yimou, the director of Great Wall, also defended how the role was chosen. He said that although the title suggests like it has something to do with the Chinese culture, it is in no way about China. He added that the story was not written to have a Chinese actor playing it.

Great Wall is actually a monster movie set in China. The movie features five heroes where Damon’s character is the only Caucasian. Zhang said that the arrival of Damon’s character is essential to the main plot of the story where he plays the role of a British mercenary.

The Matt Damon movie will debut on Dec. 16 in Chinese cinemas and will hit the US theaters in February 2017.

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